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(1.00)1Ti 5:3

Honor widows who are truly in need.

(0.80)Exo 22:22

“You must not afflict any widow or orphan.

(0.77)Psa 94:6

They kill the widow and the one residing outside his native land, and they murder the fatherless.

(0.72)Psa 78:64

Their priests fell by the sword, but their widows did not weep.

(0.72)Eze 44:22

They must not marry a widow or a divorcee, but they may marry a virgin from the house of Israel or a widow who is a priest’s widow.

(0.69)Job 24:3

They drive away the orphan’s donkey; they take the widow’s ox as a pledge.

(0.69)Job 29:13

the blessing of the dying man descended on me, and I made the widow’s heart rejoice;

(0.69)Psa 68:5

He is a father to the fatherless and an advocate for widows. God rules from his holy palace.

(0.69)Psa 109:9

May his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow!

(0.69)Lam 5:3

We have become fatherless orphans; our mothers have become widows.

(0.69)Luk 21:2

He also saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins.

(0.66)Job 24:21

He preys on the barren and childless woman, and does not treat the widow well.

(0.60)Pro 15:25

The Lord tears down the house of the proud, but he maintains the boundaries of the widow.

(0.57)Gen 38:19

She left immediately, removed her veil, and put on her widow’s clothes.

(0.57)Num 30:9

“But every vow of a widow or of a divorced woman which she has pledged for herself will remain intact.

(0.57)Deu 10:18

who justly treats the orphan and widow, and who loves resident foreigners, giving them food and clothing.

(0.57)Deu 27:19

‘Cursed is the one who perverts justice for the resident foreigner, the orphan, and the widow.’ Then all the people will say, ‘Amen!’

(0.57)Job 22:9

you sent widows away empty-handed, and the arms of the orphans you crushed.

(0.57)Job 31:16

If I have refused to give the poor what they desired, or caused the eyes of the widow to fail,

(0.57)Jer 49:11

Leave your orphans behind and I will keep them alive. Your widows too can depend on me.”