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(0.50) (Luk 11:46)

tn Here “as well” is used to translate καί (kai) at the beginning of the statement.

(0.50) (Luk 15:25)

sn This would have been primarily instrumental music, but might include singing as well.

(0.50) (Luk 21:16)

sn To confess Christ might well mean rejection by one’s own family, even by parents.

(0.50) (Joh 8:2)

tn An ingressive sense for the imperfect fits well here following the aorist participle.

(0.50) (Act 2:29)

sn Peter’s certainty is based on well-known facts.

(0.50) (Act 5:26)

tn Or “without violence.” It is clear, as well, that the apostles did not resist arrest.

(0.50) (Rom 16:7)

tn Or “among the apostles.” See discussion in the note on “well known” for these options.

(0.44) (Joh 4:6)

tn Grk “on (ἐπί, epi) the well.” There may have been a low stone rim encircling the well, or the reading of Ì66 (“on the ground”) may be correct.

(0.44) (Gen 26:19)

tn Heb “living.” This expression refers to a well supplied by subterranean streams (see Song 4:15).

(0.44) (Lev 7:12)

tn Heb “choice wheat flour well soaked ring-shaped loaves.” See the note on Lev 2:1.

(0.44) (Lev 10:10)

tn Heb “and,” but regarding the translation “as well as,” see the note at the end of v. 9.

(0.44) (Num 27:12)

tn The imperative could be subordinated to the first to provide a purpose clause, although a second instruction fits well enough.

(0.44) (Jos 5:6)

tn Some Hebrew mss, as well as the Syriac version, support this reading. Most ancient witnesses read “us.”

(0.44) (Psa 92:12)

sn The cedars of the Lebanon forest were well-known in ancient Israel for their immense size.

(0.44) (Psa 119:11)

tn Heb “your word.” Some medieval Hebrew mss as well as the LXX read the plural, “your words.”

(0.44) (Psa 119:17)

tn Heb “your word.” Many medieval Hebrew mss as well as several ancient versions read the plural here.

(0.44) (Pro 7:24)

tn The literal translation “sons” works well here in view of the warning. Cf. KJV, NAB, NRSV “children.”

(0.44) (Eze 20:46)

tn Heb “set your face toward.” This expression occurs as well in Ezek 6:2; 13:17.

(0.44) (Eze 32:22)

tn Heb “all of them slain, the ones felled by the sword.” See as well vv. 23-24.

(0.44) (Mat 17:5)

sn This cloud is the cloud of God’s presence and the voice is his as well.

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