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(1.00) (Pro 1:13)

tn Heb “all wealth of preciousness.”

(0.86) (1Ch 29:28)

tn Heb “satisfied with days, wealth, and honor.”

(0.86) (Psa 44:12)

tn Heb “for what is not wealth.”

(0.86) (Pro 12:27)

tn Heb “the wealth of a man.”

(0.86) (Sos 8:7)

tn Heb “all the wealth of his house.”

(0.71) (2Ki 10:6)

tn Heb “great,” probably in wealth, position, and prestige.

(0.71) (1Ch 29:12)

tn Heb “wealth and honor [are] from before you.”

(0.71) (2Ch 17:5)

tn Heb “and he had wealth and honor in abundance.”

(0.71) (Zec 14:1)

tn Heb “your plunder.” Cf. NCV “the wealth you have taken.”

(0.71) (Isa 60:5)

tn Heb “the wealth of the sea,” i.e., wealth that is transported from distant lands via the sea.

(0.61) (Oba 1:11)

tn Or perhaps, “wealth” (so NASB, NIV, NRSV, NLT). The Hebrew word is somewhat ambiguous here. This word also appears in v. 13, where it clearly refers to wealth.

(0.57) (Gen 31:1)

tn Heb “and from that which belonged to our father he has gained all this wealth.”

(0.57) (Psa 62:10)

tn Heb “[as for] wealth, when it bears fruit, do not set [your] heart [on it].”

(0.57) (Psa 73:12)

tn Heb “the ones who are always at ease [who] increase wealth.”

(0.57) (Ecc 10:20)

tn Perhaps the referent is people who are in authority because of their wealth.

(0.57) (Mar 6:23)

sn The expression up to half my kingdom is a proverbial comment meaning “great wealth.”

(0.57) (Luk 16:11)

tn Grk “the unrighteous mammon.” See the note on the phrase “worldly wealth” in v. 9.

(0.51) (Psa 119:14)

tn Heb “all wealth.” The phrase refers to all kinds of wealth and riches. See Prov 1:13; 6:31; 24:4; Ezek 27:12, 18.

(0.51) (Pro 15:16)

sn Not all wealth has turmoil with it. But the proverb is focusing on the comparison of two things – fear of the Lord with little and wealth with turmoil. Between these two, the former is definitely better.

(0.51) (Pro 28:8)

sn The verse is saying that in God’s justice wealth amassed unjustly will eventually go to the poor. God will take the wealth away from them and give it to people who will distribute it better to the poor.

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