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(1.00)Amo 3:3

Do two walk together without having met?

(1.00)Act 3:9

All the people saw him walking and praising God,

(0.99)Psa 116:9

I will serve the Lord in the land of the living.

(0.97)1Jo 2:6

The one who says he resides in God ought himself to walk just as Jesus walked.

(0.95)Job 38:16

Have you gone to the springs that fill the sea, or walked about in the recesses of the deep?

(0.95)Joh 10:23

It was winter, and Jesus was walking in the temple area in Solomon’s Portico.

(0.92)Act 3:8

He jumped up, stood and began walking around, and he entered the temple courts with them, walking and leaping and praising God.

(0.90)Job 31:5

If I have walked in falsehood, and if my foot has hastened to deceit –

(0.90)Psa 48:12

Walk around Zion! Encircle it! Count its towers!

(0.90)Psa 119:3

who, moreover, do no wrong, but follow in his footsteps.

(0.90)Pro 2:13

who leave the upright paths to walk on the dark ways,

(0.90)Pro 8:20

I walk in the path of righteousness, in the pathway of justice,

(0.90)Isa 2:5

O descendants of Jacob, come, let us walk in the Lord’s guiding light.

(0.85)Psa 89:30

If his sons reject my law and disobey my regulations,

(0.85)Psa 119:45

I will be secure, for I seek your precepts.

(0.85)Pro 6:28

Can a man walk on hot coals without scorching his feet?

(0.85)2Co 5:7

for we live by faith, not by sight.

(0.83)Psa 115:7

hands, but cannot touch, feet, but cannot walk. They cannot even clear their throats.

(0.83)Pro 10:9

The one who conducts himself in integrity will live securely, but the one who behaves perversely will be found out.

(0.83)Dan 4:29

After twelve months, he happened to be walking around on the battlements of the royal palace of Babylon.