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(0.53)Pro 13:19

A desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul, but fools abhor turning away from evil.

(0.53)Pro 17:8

A bribe works like a charm for the one who offers it; in whatever he does he succeeds.

(0.53)Ecc 2:20

So I began to despair about all the fruit of my labor for which I worked so hard on earth.

(0.53)Isa 28:6

He will give discernment to the one who makes judicial decisions, and strength to those who defend the city from attackers.

(0.53)Lam 3:11

He has obstructed my paths and torn me to pieces; he has made me desolate.

(0.53)Lam 5:21

Bring us back to yourself, O Lord, so that we may return to you; renew our life as in days before,

(0.53)Dan 10:15

While he was saying this to me, I was flat on the ground and unable to speak.

(0.53)Mat 5:42

Give to the one who asks you, and do not reject the one who wants to borrow from you.

(0.53)Mar 13:16

The one in the field must not turn back to get his cloak.

(0.53)2Ti 1:15

You know that everyone in the province of Asia deserted me, including Phygelus and Hermogenes.

(0.53)Tit 1:14

and not pay attention to Jewish myths and commands of people who reject the truth.

(0.52)Jos 8:20

When the men of Ai turned around, they saw the smoke from the city ascending into the sky and were so shocked they were unable to flee in any direction. In the meantime the men who were retreating to the desert turned against their pursuers.

(0.52)Eze 18:30

“Therefore I will judge each person according to his conduct, O house of Israel, declares the sovereign Lord. Repent and turn from all your wickedness; then it will not be an obstacle leading to iniquity.

(0.52)Act 26:20

but I declared to those in Damascus first, and then to those in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and to the Gentiles, that they should repent and turn to God, performing deeds consistent with repentance.

(0.52)Exo 14:2

“Tell the Israelites that they must turn and camp before Pi-hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea; you are to camp by the sea before Baal Zephon opposite it.

(0.52)Exo 23:27

“I will send my terror before you, and I will destroy all the people whom you encounter; I will make all your enemies turn their backs to you.

(0.52)Lev 20:6

“‘The person who turns to the spirits of the dead and familiar spirits to commit prostitution by going after them, I will set my face against that person and cut him off from the midst of his people.

(0.52)Deu 2:1

Then we turned and set out toward the desert land on the way to the Red Sea just as the Lord told me to do, detouring around Mount Seir for a long time.

(0.52)Deu 5:32

Be careful, therefore, to do exactly what the Lord your God has commanded you; do not turn right or left!

(0.52)Deu 7:4

for they will turn your sons away from me to worship other gods. Then the anger of the Lord will erupt against you and he will quickly destroy you.