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(1.00) (Joh 11:46)

tn Grk “told them.”

(0.88) (Jdg 4:12)

tn Heb “and they told Sisera.”

(0.88) (Jdg 9:42)

tn Heb “And they told Abimelech.”

(0.88) (Luk 8:47)

tn Grk “told for what reason.”

(0.75) (Gen 38:24)

tn Heb “it was told to Judah, saying.”

(0.75) (Jdg 9:25)

tn Heb “It was told to Abimelech.”

(0.75) (Jdg 9:47)

tn Heb “and it was told to Abimelech.”

(0.62) (Gen 38:13)

tn Heb “And it was told to Tamar, saying.”

(0.62) (Gen 43:7)

tn Heb “and we told to him according to these words.”

(0.62) (2Sa 6:12)

tn Heb “and it was told to David, saying.”

(0.62) (1Ki 10:7)

tn Heb “the half was not told to me.”

(0.62) (2Ch 9:6)

tn Heb “the half was not told to me.”

(0.53) (Jon 1:10)

tn Heb “because he had told them.” The verb הִגִּיד (higgid, “he had told”) functions as a past perfect, referring to a previous event.

(0.50) (Gen 27:42)

tn Heb “and the words of Esau her older son were told to Rebekah.”

(0.50) (Gen 31:22)

tn Heb “and it was told to Laban on the third day that Jacob had fled.”

(0.50) (Num 13:27)

tn Heb “told him and said.” The referent (Moses) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

(0.50) (Jdg 14:17)

tn Heb “she told the riddle to the sons of her people.”

(0.50) (1Ki 18:16)

tn Heb “Obadiah went to meet Ahab and told him, and Ahab went to meet Elijah.”

(0.50) (2Ki 7:11)

tn Heb “and the gatekeepers called out and they told [it] to the house of the king.”

(0.50) (2Ki 8:6)

tn Heb “and the king asked the woman and she told him.”

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