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(1.00) (Hab 3:17)

tn Or “though.”

(0.80) (Psa 119:83)

tn Or “even though.”

(0.60) (2Co 5:20)

tn Or “as though God were begging.”

(0.57) (Pro 3:34)

tn The particle אִם (’im, “though”) introduces a concessive clause: “though….”

(0.50) (Exo 34:28)

tn Heb “the ten words,” though “commandments” is traditional.

(0.50) (Psa 27:10)

tn Or “though my father and mother have abandoned me.”

(0.50) (2Pe 1:9)

tn Grk “for.” The connection, though causal, is also adversative.

(0.50) (Jud 1:5)

tn Or perhaps “a,” though this is less likely.

(0.40) (Gen 1:8)

tn Though the Hebrew word can mean “heaven,” it refers in this context to “the sky.”

(0.40) (Jos 2:23)

tn The words “the river,” though not in the Hebrew text, are added for clarification.

(0.40) (Jos 3:14)

tn The verb, though not in the Hebrew, is added for clarification.

(0.40) (Pro 3:34)

tn The prefixed vav (ו) introduces the apodosis to the concessive clause: “Though … yet …”

(0.40) (Ecc 7:3)

tn Or possibly “Though the face is sad, the heart may be glad.”

(0.40) (Mic 1:12)

tn Heb “though disaster has come down from the Lord to the gate of Jerusalem.”

(0.40) (Mar 5:38)

tn Grk “and,” though such paratactic structure is rather awkward in English.

(0.40) (1Co 7:21)

tn Traditionally, “servant” (KJV), though almost all modern translations render the word as “slave” here.

(0.40) (Phi 3:4)

tn Grk “though I have reason for confidence even in the flesh.”

(0.40) (1Pe 1:6)

tn Grk “Though now, for a little while if necessary, you may have to suffer.”

(0.40) (Rev 14:11)

tn The Greek pronoun is plural here even though the verbs in the previous verse are singular.

(0.35) (Gen 31:3)

sn I will be with you. Though Laban was no longer “with him,” the Lord promised to be.

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