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(1.00) (Jos 19:28)

tc Some Hebrew mss read “Abdon.”

(1.00) (Act 28:14)

sn That is, some fellow Christians.

(0.86) (Exo 16:19)

tn Or “some of it,” “from it.”

(0.86) (Jos 8:16)

tc Some textual witnesses read “the city.”

(0.86) (Jdg 19:10)

tc Some ancient witnesses add “and his servant.”

(0.86) (Joh 16:32)

tn Grk “And” (but with some contrastive force).

(0.86) (1Co 6:11)

tn Grk “and some [of you] were these.”

(0.81) (Jos 15:52)

tc Some Hebrew mss and some mss of the LXX read “Rumah” in place of “Dumah.”

(0.71) (Jos 8:13)

tn Some Hebrew mss read, “spent the night in.”

(0.71) (Jos 19:38)

sn Instead of Yiron some English translations read Iron.

(0.71) (1Sa 17:12)

tc Some mss of the LXX lack vv. 12-31.

(0.71) (2Sa 4:12)

tc Some mss of the LXX lack the phrase “in Hebron.”

(0.71) (2Sa 11:17)

tn Heb “some of the people from the servants of David.”

(0.71) (1Ki 10:22)

tn The meaning of this word is unclear. Some suggest “baboons.”

(0.71) (2Ki 4:8)

tn Or “she urged him to eat some food.”

(0.71) (2Ki 4:8)

tn Or “he would turn aside there to eat some food.”

(0.71) (2Ki 4:39)

tn Heb “[some] of the gourds of the field.”

(0.71) (2Ki 13:15)

tn Heb “and he took a bow and some arrows.”

(0.71) (Neh 12:35)

tn Heb “some of the sons of the priests.”

(0.71) (Isa 30:33)

sn Apparently this alludes to some type of funeral rite.

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