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(1.00)Pro 27:20

As Death and Destruction are never satisfied, so the eyes of a person are never satisfied.

(0.93)Job 38:27

to satisfy a devastated and desolate land, and to cause it to sprout with vegetation?

(0.93)Psa 91:16

I will satisfy him with long life, and will let him see my salvation.

(0.92)Mar 6:42

They all ate and were satisfied,

(0.88)Psa 107:9

For he has satisfied those who thirst, and those who hunger he has filled with food.

(0.88)Psa 132:15

I will abundantly supply what she needs; I will give her poor all the food they need.

(0.82)Psa 145:16

You open your hand, and fill every living thing with the food they desire.

(0.82)Eze 16:29

Then you multiplied your promiscuity to the land of merchants, Babylonia, but you were not satisfied there either.

(0.77)Job 38:39

“Do you hunt prey for the lioness, and satisfy the appetite of the lions,

(0.77)Psa 63:5

As if with choice meat you satisfy my soul. My mouth joyfully praises you,

(0.77)Psa 81:16

“I would feed Israel the best wheat, and would satisfy your appetite with honey from the rocky cliffs.”

(0.77)Jer 31:14

I will provide the priests with abundant provisions. My people will be filled to the full with the good things I provide.”

(0.77)Hos 13:6

When they were fed, they became satisfied; when they were satisfied, they became proud; as a result, they forgot me!

(0.77)Pro 18:20

From the fruit of a person’s mouth his stomach is satisfied, with the product of his lips is he satisfied.

(0.76)Psa 59:15

They wander around looking for something to eat; they refuse to sleep until they are full.

(0.76)Pro 13:25

The righteous has enough food to satisfy his appetite, but the belly of the wicked lacks food.

(0.76)Jer 31:25

I will fully satisfy the needs of those who are weary and fully refresh the souls of those who are faint.

(0.73)Psa 17:15

As for me, because I am innocent I will see your face; when I awake you will reveal yourself to me.

(0.72)Eze 16:28

You engaged in prostitution with the Assyrians because your sexual desires were insatiable; you prostituted yourself with them and yet you were still not satisfied.

(0.68)Job 19:22

Why do you pursue me like God does? Will you never be satiated with my flesh?