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(0.70)Num 3:32

Now the head of all the Levitical leaders was Eleazar son of Aaron the priest. He was appointed over those who were responsible for the sanctuary.

(0.70)Num 3:47

collect five shekels for each one individually; you are to collect this amount in the currency of the sanctuary shekel (this shekel is twenty gerahs).

(0.70)Num 4:12

Then they must take all the utensils of the service, with which they serve in the sanctuary, put them in a blue cloth, cover them with a covering of fine leather, and put them on a carrying beam.

(0.70)Num 18:5

You will be responsible for the care of the sanctuary and the care of the altar, so that there will be no more wrath on the Israelites.

(0.70)Num 18:16

And those that must be redeemed you are to redeem when they are a month old, according to your estimation, for five shekels of silver according to the sanctuary shekel (which is twenty gerahs).

(0.70)Eze 44:8

You have not kept charge of my holy things, but you have assigned foreigners to keep charge of my sanctuary for you.

(0.70)Eze 44:9

This is what the sovereign Lord says: No foreigner, who is uncircumcised in heart and flesh among all the foreigners who are among the people of Israel, will enter into my sanctuary.

(0.70)Eze 44:16

They will enter my sanctuary, and approach my table to minister to me; they will keep my charge.

(0.70)Eze 45:3

From this measured area you will measure a length of eight and a quarter miles and a width of three and one-third miles; in it will be the sanctuary, the most holy place.

(0.70)Dan 9:17

“So now, our God, accept the prayer and requests of your servant, and show favor to your devastated sanctuary for your own sake.

(0.68)Psa 102:19

For he will look down from his sanctuary above; from heaven the Lord will look toward earth,

(0.68)Isa 43:28

So I defiled your holy princes, and handed Jacob over to destruction, and subjected Israel to humiliating abuse.”

(0.67)Exo 30:13

Everyone who crosses over to those who are numbered is to pay this: a half shekel according to the shekel of the sanctuary (a shekel weighs twenty gerahs). The half shekel is to be an offering to the Lord.

(0.67)Exo 38:25

The silver of those who were numbered of the community was one hundred talents and 1,775 shekels, according to the sanctuary shekel,

(0.67)Lev 4:6

The priest must dip his finger in the blood and sprinkle some of it seven times before the Lord toward the front of the veil-canopy of the sanctuary.

(0.67)Lev 26:31

I will lay your cities waste and make your sanctuaries desolate, and I will refuse to smell your soothing aromas.

(0.67)Lev 27:3

the conversion value of the male from twenty years old up to sixty years old is fifty shekels by the standard of the sanctuary shekel.

(0.67)Num 3:50

From the firstborn males of the Israelites he collected the money, 1,365 shekels, according to the sanctuary shekel.

(0.67)Num 7:86

The twelve gold pans full of incense weighed 10 shekels each, according to the sanctuary shekel; all the gold of the pans weighed 120 shekels.

(0.67)1Ki 6:16

He built a wall 30 feet in from the rear of the temple as a partition for an inner sanctuary that would be the most holy place. He paneled the wall with cedar planks from the floor to the rafters.