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(1.00)Exo 16:30

So the people rested on the seventh day.

(0.79)Job 3:17

There the wicked cease from turmoil, and there the weary are at rest.

(0.79)Isa 14:7

The whole earth rests and is quiet; they break into song.

(0.79)Heb 4:9

Consequently a Sabbath rest remains for the people of God.

(0.71)Exo 34:21

“On six days you may labor, but on the seventh day you must rest; even at the time of plowing and of harvest you are to rest.

(0.71)Heb 4:10

For the one who enters God’s rest has also rested from his works, just as God did from his own works.

(0.69)Isa 28:12

In the past he said to them, “This is where security can be found. Provide security for the one who is exhausted! This is where rest can be found.” But they refused to listen.

(0.68)Psa 95:11

So I made a vow in my anger, ‘They will never enter into the resting place I had set aside for them.’”

(0.67)Jos 21:26

The rest of the Kohathite clans received ten cities and their grazing areas.

(0.66)Gen 18:4

Let a little water be brought so that you may all wash your feet and rest under the tree.

(0.66)Num 10:36

And when it came to rest he would say, “Return, O Lord, to the many thousands of Israel!”

(0.66)Job 3:26

I have no ease, I have no quietness; I cannot rest; turmoil has come upon me.”

(0.66)Psa 116:7

Rest once more, my soul, for the Lord has vindicated you.

(0.66)Isa 57:2

Those who live uprightly enter a place of peace; they rest on their beds.

(0.66)Isa 62:7

Don’t allow him to rest until he reestablishes Jerusalem, until he makes Jerusalem the pride of the earth.

(0.66)Lam 5:5

We are pursued – they are breathing down our necks; we are weary and have no rest.

(0.66)Eze 48:23

“As for the rest of the tribes: From the east side to the west side, Benjamin will have one portion.

(0.66)Mat 11:28

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

(0.66)Luk 23:56

Then they returned and prepared aromatic spices and perfumes. On the Sabbath they rested according to the commandment.

(0.66)Heb 3:11

As I swore in my anger,They will never enter my rest!’”