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(0.30)1Jo 5:17

All unrighteousness is sin, but there is sin not resulting in death.

(0.28)2Ch 33:23

He did not humble himself before the Lord as his father Manasseh had done. Amon was guilty of great sin.

(0.28)Psa 51:17

The sacrifices God desires are a humble spirit – O God, a humble and repentant heart you will not reject.

(0.28)Jer 8:4

The Lord said to me, “Tell them, ‘The Lord says, Do people not get back up when they fall down? Do they not turn around when they go the wrong way?

(0.28)Jer 9:5

One friend deceives another and no one tells the truth. These people have trained themselves to tell lies. They do wrong and are unable to repent.

(0.28)Jer 26:3

Maybe they will pay attention and each of them will stop living the evil way they do. If they do that, then I will forgo destroying them as I had intended to do because of the wicked things they have been doing.

(0.28)Eze 33:9

But if you warn the wicked man to change his behavior, and he refuses to change, he will die for his iniquity, but you have saved your own life.

(0.28)Mat 27:3

Now when Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus had been condemned, he regretted what he had done and returned the thirty silver coins to the chief priests and the elders,

(0.26)1Ki 8:48

When they return to you with all their heart and being in the land where they are held prisoner, and direct their prayers to you toward the land you gave to their ancestors, your chosen city, and the temple I built for your honor,

(0.25)Gen 6:6

The Lord regretted that he had made humankind on the earth, and he was highly offended.

(0.25)Exo 32:14

Then the Lord relented over the evil that he had said he would do to his people.

(0.25)Jdg 21:15

The people regretted what had happened to Benjamin because the Lord had weakened the Israelite tribes.

(0.25)2Ch 12:6

The leaders of Israel and the king humbled themselves and said, “The Lord is just.”

(0.25)Psa 4:4

Tremble with fear and do not sin! Meditate as you lie in bed, and repent of your ways! (Selah)

(0.25)Psa 90:13

Turn back toward us, O Lord! How long must this suffering last? Have pity on your servants!

(0.25)Psa 106:45

He remembered his covenant with them, and relented because of his great loyal love.

(0.25)Psa 110:4

The Lord makes this promise on oath and will not revoke it: “You are an eternal priest after the pattern of Melchizedek.”

(0.25)Psa 135:14

For the Lord vindicates his people, and has compassion on his servants.

(0.25)Isa 9:13

The people did not return to the one who struck them, they did not seek reconciliation with the Lord who commands armies.

(0.25)Isa 31:6

You Israelites! Return to the one against whom you have so blatantly rebelled!