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(1.00)Num 18:30

“Therefore you will say to them, ‘When you offer up the best of it, then it will be credited to the Levites as the product of the threshing floor and as the product of the winepress.

(0.89)Hag 2:17

I struck all the products of your labor with blight, disease, and hail, and yet you brought nothing to me,’ says the Lord.

(0.82)Gen 43:11

Then their father Israel said to them, “If it must be so, then do this: Take some of the best products of the land in your bags, and take a gift down to the man – a little balm and a little honey, spices and myrrh, pistachios and almonds.

(0.79)Eze 27:14

Beth Togarmah exchanged horses, chargers, and mules for your products.

(0.77)Eze 27:16

Edom was your trade partner because of the abundance of your goods; they exchanged turquoise, purple, embroidered work, fine linen, coral, and rubies for your products.

(0.67)Deu 33:15

with the best of the ancient mountains and the harvest produced by the age-old hills;

(0.67)Psa 25:21

May integrity and godliness protect me, for I rely on you!

(0.67)Psa 78:46

He gave their crops to the grasshopper, the fruit of their labor to the locust.

(0.63)Pro 18:20

From the fruit of a person’s mouth his stomach is satisfied, with the product of his lips is he satisfied.

(0.63)Eze 27:12

“‘Tarshish was your trade partner because of your abundant wealth; they exchanged silver, iron, tin, and lead for your products.

(0.63)Eze 27:18

Damascus was your trade partner because of the abundance of your goods and of all your wealth: wine from Helbon, white wool from Zahar,

(0.63)Eze 27:33

When your products went out from the seas, you satisfied many peoples; with the abundance of your wealth and merchandise you enriched the kings of the earth.

(0.56)Job 29:4

just as I was in my most productive time, when God’s intimate friendship was experienced in my tent,

(0.56)Psa 109:11

May the creditor seize all he owns! May strangers loot his property!

(0.56)Psa 111:7

His acts are characterized by faithfulness and justice; all his precepts are reliable.

(0.56)Pro 13:11

Wealth gained quickly will dwindle away, but the one who gathers it little by little will become rich.

(0.56)Pro 21:4

Haughty eyes and a proud heart – the agricultural product of the wicked is sin.

(0.56)Pro 31:27

She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.

(0.56)Pro 31:31

Give her credit for what she has accomplished, and let her works praise her in the city gates.

(0.56)Isa 2:8

Their land is full of worthless idols; they worship the product of their own hands, what their own fingers have fashioned.