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(0.32)Pro 21:4

Haughty eyes and a proud heart – the agricultural product of the wicked is sin.

(0.32)Rom 2:17

But if you call yourself a Jew and rely on the law and boast of your relationship to God

(0.32)Rom 3:27

Where, then, is boasting? It is excluded! By what principle? Of works? No, but by the principle of faith!

(0.32)1Co 3:21

So then, no more boasting about mere mortals! For everything belongs to you,

(0.32)Jam 1:10

But the rich person’s pride should be in his humiliation, because he will pass away like a wildflower in the meadow.

(0.31)Isa 10:12

But when the sovereign master finishes judging Mount Zion and Jerusalem, then I will punish the king of Assyria for what he has proudly planned and for the arrogant attitude he displays.

(0.31)Eze 30:18

In Tahpanhes the day will be dark when I break the yoke of Egypt there. Her confident pride will cease within her; a cloud will cover her, and her daughters will go into captivity.

(0.31)Jer 51:41

“See how Babylon has been captured! See how the pride of the whole earth has been taken! See what an object of horror Babylon has become among the nations!

(0.31)Gal 6:4

Let each one examine his own work. Then he can take pride in himself and not compare himself with someone else.

(0.27)2Ch 26:16

But once he became powerful, his pride destroyed him. He disobeyed the Lord his God. He entered the Lord’s temple to offer incense on the incense altar.

(0.27)Psa 90:10

The days of our lives add up to seventy years, or eighty, if one is especially strong. But even one’s best years are marred by trouble and oppression. Yes, they pass quickly and we fly away.

(0.27)1Pe 5:5

In the same way, you who are younger, be subject to the elders. And all of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

(0.27)Deu 10:16

Therefore, cleanse your heart and stop being so stubborn!

(0.27)Deu 17:13

Then all the people will hear and be afraid, and not be so presumptuous again.

(0.27)Job 12:21

He pours contempt on noblemen and disarms the powerful.

(0.27)Job 20:5

that the elation of the wicked is brief, the joy of the godless lasts but a moment.

(0.27)Job 38:15

Then from the wicked the light is withheld, and the arm raised in violence is broken.

(0.27)Psa 17:10

They are calloused; they speak arrogantly.

(0.27)Psa 73:3

For I envied those who are proud, as I observed the prosperity of the wicked.

(0.27)Psa 73:8

They mock and say evil things; they proudly threaten violence.