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(1.00) (Lev 23:30)

tn Heb “And any person.”

(0.87) (Joh 6:52)

tn Grk “this one,” “this person.”

(0.87) (2Co 2:17)

tn Or “persons of pure motives.”

(0.75) (2Ki 9:8)

tc The LXX has the second person, “you.”

(0.75) (Act 25:16)

tn Or “has met his accusers in person.”

(0.75) (Rom 7:1)

sn Here person refers to a human being.

(0.75) (1Jo 4:18)

tn Grk “punishment, and the person who fears.”

(0.71) (Pro 9:9)

sn The parallelism shows what Proverbs will repeatedly stress, that the wise person is the righteous person.

(0.71) (Isa 49:16)

tn Heb “you.” Here the pronoun is put by metonymy for the person’s name.

(0.71) (Jer 49:2)

tn Heb “says the Lord.” The first person is used to maintain the first person address throughout.

(0.63) (Lev 24:19)

tn Or “neighbor” (so NAB, NASB, NIV); TEV, NLT “another person.”

(0.63) (Deu 15:2)

tn Heb “his neighbor,” used idiomatically to refer to another person.

(0.63) (Deu 23:2)

tn Or “a person born of an illegitimate marriage.”

(0.63) (Deu 30:17)

tn Heb “your heart,” as a metonymy for the person.

(0.63) (Pro 14:8)

tn Or “the prudent [person]” (cf. KJV, NASB, NIV).

(0.63) (Ecc 6:10)

tn Or “and what a person (Heb “man”) is was foreknown.”

(0.63) (Mic 7:17)

tn The Lord is addressed directly using the second person.

(0.63) (Act 2:41)

tn Grk “souls” (here an idiom for the whole person).

(0.63) (Act 7:14)

tn Grk “souls” (here an idiom for the whole person).

(0.63) (2Co 9:9)

sn He in the quotation refers to the righteous person.

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