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(1.00)Gen 43:31

Then he washed his face and came out. With composure he said, “Set out the food.”

(1.00)2Ki 6:7

He said, “Lift it out.” So he reached out his hand and grabbed it.

(1.00)Pro 17:14

Starting a quarrel is like letting out water; stop it before strife breaks out!

(1.00)Lam 3:8

Also, when I cry out desperately for help, he has shut out my prayer.

(0.93)Job 20:25

When he pulls it out and it comes out of his back, the gleaming point out of his liver, terrors come over him.

(0.93)Isa 54:12

I will make your pinnacles out of gems, your gates out of beryl, and your outer wall out of beautiful stones.

(0.90)Gen 28:10

Meanwhile Jacob left Beer Sheba and set out for Haran.

(0.90)Gen 47:10

Then Jacob blessed Pharaoh and went out from his presence.

(0.90)Exo 10:18

Moses went out from Pharaoh and prayed to the Lord,

(0.90)Exo 15:12

You stretched out your right hand, the earth swallowed them.

(0.90)1Sa 17:56

The king said, “Find out whose son this boy is!”

(0.90)Job 38:1

Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind:

(0.90)Hos 8:2

Israel cries out to me, “My God, we acknowledge you!”

(0.90)Psa 98:4

Shout out praises to the Lord, all the earth! Break out in a joyful shout and sing!

(0.90)Psa 145:18

The Lord is near all who cry out to him, all who cry out to him sincerely.

(0.90)Pro 9:3

She has sent out her female servants; she calls out on the highest places of the city.

(0.90)Jer 7:15

And I will drive you out of my sight just like I drove out your relatives, the people of Israel.’”

(0.90)Eze 46:10

When they come in, the prince will come in with them, and when they go out, he will go out.

(0.81)Jos 18:8

When the men started out, Joshua told those going to map out the land, “Go, walk through the land, map it out, and return to me. Then I will draw lots for you before the Lord here in Shiloh.”

(0.81)Jer 22:20

People of Jerusalem, go up to Lebanon and cry out in mourning. Go to the land of Bashan and cry out loudly. Cry out in mourning from the mountains of Moab. For your allies have all been defeated.