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(1.00)2Sa 11:18

Then Joab sent a full battle report to David.

(0.88)Jos 6:10

Now Joshua had instructed the army, “Do not give a battle cry or raise your voices; say nothing until the day I tell you, ‘Give the battle cry.’ Then give the battle cry!”

(0.86)Job 39:25

At the sound of the trumpet, it says, ‘Aha!’ And from a distance it catches the scent of battle, the thunderous shouting of commanders, and the battle cries.

(0.86)Isa 21:15

For they flee from the swords – from the drawn sword and from the battle-ready bow and from the severity of the battle.

(0.82)Deu 2:32

When Sihon and all his troops emerged to encounter us in battle at Jahaz,

(0.82)Deu 20:2

As you move forward for battle, the priest will approach and say to the soldiers,

(0.82)Jdg 8:13

Gideon son of Joash returned from the battle by the pass of Heres.

(0.82)Jdg 15:9

The Philistines went up and invaded Judah. They arrayed themselves for battle in Lehi.

(0.82)Jdg 20:20

The men of Israel marched out to fight Benjamin; they arranged their battle lines against Gibeah.

(0.82)1Sa 14:23

So the Lord delivered Israel that day, and the battle shifted over to Beth Aven.

(0.82)1Sa 17:21

Israel and the Philistines drew up their battle lines opposite one another.

(0.82)2Sa 11:19

He instructed the messenger as follows: “When you finish giving the battle report to the king,

(0.82)2Sa 22:35

He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend even the strongest bow.

(0.82)2Sa 22:40

You give me strength for battle; you make my foes kneel before me.

(0.82)1Ki 20:18

He ordered, “Whether they come in peace or to do battle, take them alive.”

(0.82)1Ch 10:3

The battle was thick around Saul; the archers spotted him and wounded him.

(0.82)1Ch 12:35

From Dan there were 28,600 men prepared for battle.

(0.82)1Ch 12:36

From Asher there were 40,000 warriors prepared for battle.

(0.82)Job 38:23

which I reserve for the time of trouble, for the day of war and battle?

(0.82)Psa 18:34

He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend even the strongest bow.