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(1.00)Deu 32:45

When Moses finished reciting all these words to all Israel

(1.00)Isa 2:14

for all the tall mountains, for all the high hills,

(1.00)Isa 2:16

for all the large ships, for all the impressive ships.

(0.99)Exo 20:1

God spoke all these words:

(0.98)Jer 25:25

all the kings of Zimri; all the kings of Elam; all the kings of Media;

(0.89)Jer 25:22

all the kings of Tyre, all the kings of Sidon; all the kings of the coastlands along the sea;

(0.88)Gen 42:17

He imprisoned them all for three days.

(0.88)Deu 14:11

All ritually clean birds you may eat.

(0.88)Jdg 20:7

All you Israelites, make a decision here!”

(0.88)1Ki 4:1

King Solomon ruled over all Israel.

(0.88)Psa 65:2

You hear prayers; all people approach you.

(0.88)Psa 116:11

I rashly declared, “All men are liars.”

(0.88)Jer 25:21

all the people of Edom, Moab, Ammon;

(0.84)Exo 38:20

All the tent pegs of the tabernacle and of the courtyard all around were bronze.

(0.84)Exo 39:42

The Israelites did all the work according to all that the Lord had commanded Moses.

(0.84)Num 23:25

Balak said to Balaam, “Neither curse them at all nor bless them at all!”

(0.84)Num 31:10

They burned all their towns where they lived and all their encampments.

(0.84)Num 31:11

They took all the plunder and all the spoils, both people and animals.

(0.84)Jos 13:2

This is the land that remains: all the territory of the Philistines and all the Geshurites,

(0.84)2Sa 8:15

David reigned over all Israel; he guaranteed justice for all his people.