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(1.00) (Exo 34:23)

tn Heb “all your males.”

(1.00) (Gal 3:28)

tn Grk “male and female.”

(0.75) (Num 31:17)

tn Heb “every male among the little ones.”

(0.71) (Luk 2:23)

tn Grk “every male that opens the womb” (an idiom for the firstborn male).

(0.62) (Gen 34:22)

tn Heb “when every one of our males is circumcised.”

(0.62) (Lev 27:3)

tn Heb “your conversion value shall be [for] the male.”

(0.62) (Deu 15:12)

tn Heb “your brother, a Hebrew (male) or Hebrew (female).”

(0.62) (Deu 25:6)

tn Heb “the firstborn.” This refers to the oldest male child.

(0.62) (1Ki 11:16)

tn Heb “until he had cut off every male in Edom.”

(0.62) (2Ch 28:10)

tn Heb “to enslave as male servants and female servants.”

(0.62) (Act 21:21)

sn That is, not to circumcise their male children. Biblical references to circumcision always refer to male circumcision.

(0.50) (Gen 7:16)

tn Heb “Those that went in, male and female from all flesh they went in.”

(0.50) (Gen 17:14)

tn The disjunctive clause calls attention to the “uncircumcised male” and what will happen to him.

(0.50) (Exo 34:19)

tn The verb basically means “that drops a male.” The verb is feminine, referring to the cattle.

(0.50) (Lev 15:33)

tn Heb “and the one with a discharge, his discharge to the male and the female.”

(0.50) (Lev 16:5)

tn Heb “he-goats of goats”; CEV “two goats, both of them males.”

(0.50) (Jdg 21:11)

tn Heb “every woman who is familiar with the bed of a male.”

(0.50) (Jdg 21:12)

tn Heb “who had not known a man with respect to the bed of a male.”

(0.50) (Rut 2:9)

tn Heb “they.” The verb is masculine plural, indicating that the male workers are the subject here.

(0.50) (1Ki 14:24)

tc The Old Greek translation has “a conspiracy” rather than “male cultic prostitutes.”

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