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(1.00)Pro 19:10

Luxury is not appropriate for a fool; how much less for a servant to rule over princes!

(0.80)Luk 7:25

What did you go out to see? A man dressed in fancy clothes? Look, those who wear fancy clothes and live in luxury are in kings’ courts!

(0.75)Jam 5:5

You have lived indulgently and luxuriously on the earth. You have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter.

(0.75)Rev 18:9

Then the kings of the earth who committed immoral acts with her and lived in sensual luxury with her will weep and wail for her when they see the smoke from the fire that burns her up.

(0.65)Rev 18:7

As much as she exalted herself and lived in sensual luxury, to this extent give her torment and grief because she said to herself, ‘I rule as queen and am no widow; I will never experience grief!’

(0.63)Rev 18:14

(The ripe fruit you greatly desired has gone from you, and all your luxury and splendor have gone from you – they will never ever be found again!)

(0.61)Rev 18:3

For all the nations have fallen from the wine of her immoral passion, and the kings of the earth have committed sexual immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth have gotten rich from the power of her sensual behavior.”

(0.60)Isa 2:16

for all the large ships, for all the impressive ships.

(0.57)2Sa 1:24

O daughters of Israel, weep over Saul, who clothed you in scarlet as well as jewelry, who put gold jewelry on your clothes.

(0.55)Hos 10:1

Israel was a fertile vine that yielded fruit. As his fruit multiplied, he multiplied altars to Baal. As his land prospered, they adorned the fertility pillars.

(0.50)Luk 16:19

“There was a rich man who dressed in purple and fine linen and who feasted sumptuously every day.

(0.49)Hab 1:16

Because of his success he offers sacrifices to his throw net and burns incense to his dragnet; for because of them he has plenty of food, and more than enough to eat.

(0.43)Hos 14:8

O Ephraim, I do not want to have anything to do with idols anymore! I will answer him and care for him. I am like a luxuriant cypress tree; your fruitfulness comes from me!

(0.42)Psa 65:12

The pastures in the wilderness glisten with moisture, and the hills are clothed with joy.

(0.42)Psa 73:6

Arrogance is their necklace, and violence their clothing.

(0.42)Jer 6:2

I will destroy Daughter Zion, who is as delicate and defenseless as a young maiden.

(0.42)Dan 4:4

(4:1) I, Nebuchadnezzar, was relaxing in my home, living luxuriously in my palace.

(0.42)1Ti 5:6

But the one who lives for pleasure is dead even while she lives.

(0.40)Isa 13:22

Wild dogs will yip in her ruined fortresses, jackals will yelp in the once-splendid palaces. Her time is almost up, her days will not be prolonged.

(0.40)Amo 6:4

They lie around on beds decorated with ivory, and sprawl out on their couches. They eat lambs from the flock, and calves from the middle of the pen.