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(1.00)Job 9:23

If a scourge brings sudden death, he mocks at the despair of the innocent.

(1.00)Psa 94:21

They conspire against the blameless, and condemn to death the innocent.

(1.00)Pro 6:17

haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

(0.95)Job 22:19

The righteous see their destruction and rejoice; the innocent mock them scornfully, saying,

(0.89)Isa 5:23

They pronounce the guilty innocent for a payoff, they ignore the just cause of the innocent.

(0.87)2Ki 24:4

Because he killed innocent people and stained Jerusalem with their blood, the Lord was unwilling to forgive them.

(0.83)Exo 23:7

Keep your distance from a false charge – do not kill the innocent and the righteous, for I will not justify the wicked.

(0.83)Deu 27:25

‘Cursed is the one who takes a bribe to kill an innocent person.’ Then all the people will say, ‘Amen!’

(0.83)Job 4:7

Call to mind now: Who, being innocent, ever perished? And where were upright people ever destroyed?

(0.79)Job 17:8

Upright men are appalled at this; the innocent man is troubled with the godless.

(0.79)Job 27:17

what he stores up a righteous man will wear, and an innocent man will inherit his silver.

(0.75)Job 22:30

he will deliver even someone who is not innocent, who will escape through the cleanness of your hands.”

(0.75)Psa 26:6

I maintain a pure lifestyle, so I can appear before your altar, O Lord,

(0.70)Deu 19:10

You must not shed innocent blood in your land that the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, for that would make you guilty.

(0.70)Job 9:28

I dread all my sufferings, for I know that you do not hold me blameless.

(0.70)Psa 73:13

I concluded, “Surely in vain I have kept my motives pure and maintained a pure lifestyle.

(0.67)Joe 3:19

Egypt will be desolate and Edom will be a desolate wilderness, because of the violence they did to the people of Judah, in whose land they shed innocent blood.

(0.67)Mat 27:4

saying, “I have sinned by betraying innocent blood!” But they said, “What is that to us? You take care of it yourself!”

(0.65)Job 9:15

Although I am innocent, I could not answer him; I could only plead with my judge for mercy.

(0.65)Act 20:26

Therefore I declare to you today that I am innocent of the blood of you all.