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(1.00)Job 27:22

It hurls itself against him without pity as he flees headlong from its power.

(0.85)Num 35:20

“But if he strikes him out of hatred or throws something at him intentionally so that he dies,

(0.76)Psa 147:17

He throws his hailstones like crumbs. Who can withstand the cold wind he sends?

(0.74)Isa 22:17

Look, the Lord will throw you far away, you mere man! He will wrap you up tightly.

(0.68)Jer 22:26

I will force you and your mother who gave you birth into exile. You will be exiled to a country where neither of you were born, and you will both die there.

(0.68)Jer 22:28

This man, Jeconiah, will be like a broken pot someone threw away. He will be like a clay vessel that no one wants. Why will he and his children be forced into exile? Why will they be thrown out into a country they know nothing about?

(0.64)Job 36:32

With his hands he covers the lightning, and directs it against its target.

(0.64)Mat 27:39

Those who passed by defamed him, shaking their heads

(0.60)1Sa 18:11

and Saul threw the spear, thinking, “I’ll nail David to the wall!” But David escaped from him on two different occasions.

(0.60)1Sa 20:33

Then Saul threw his spear at Jonathan in order to strike him down. So Jonathan was convinced that his father had decided to kill David.

(0.60)Jon 1:4

But the Lord hurled a powerful wind on the sea. Such a violent tempest arose on the sea that the ship threatened to break up!

(0.53)Num 35:22

“But if he strikes him suddenly, without enmity, or throws anything at him unintentionally,

(0.53)Psa 79:12

Pay back our neighbors in full! May they be insulted the same way they insulted you, O Lord!

(0.53)Psa 89:44

You have brought to an end his splendor, and have knocked his throne to the ground.

(0.53)Psa 144:6

Hurl lightning bolts and scatter them! Shoot your arrows and rout them!

(0.53)Zec 9:4

Nevertheless the Lord will evict her and shove her fortifications into the sea – she will be consumed by fire.

(0.53)Rev 20:15

If anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, that person was thrown into the lake of fire.

(0.52)Neh 9:11

You split the sea before them, and they crossed through the sea on dry ground! But you threw their pursuers into the depths, like a stone into surging waters.

(0.46)2Ch 26:15

In Jerusalem he made war machines carefully designed to shoot arrows and large stones from the towers and corners of the walls. He became very famous, for he received tremendous support and became powerful.

(0.46)Jer 16:13

So I will throw you out of this land into a land that neither you nor your ancestors have ever known. There you must worship other gods day and night, for I will show you no mercy.’”