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(0.32)Pro 14:12

There is a way that seems right to a person, but its end is the way that leads to death.

(0.32)Pro 16:5

The Lord abhors every arrogant person; rest assured that they will not go unpunished.

(0.32)Pro 16:25

There is a way that seems right to a person, but its end is the way that leads to death.

(0.32)Pro 20:22

Do not say, “I will pay back evil!” Wait for the Lord, so that he may vindicate you.

(0.32)Pro 22:12

The eyes of the Lord guard knowledge, but he overthrows the words of the faithless person.

(0.32)Pro 28:22

The stingy person hastens after riches and does not know that poverty will overtake him.

(0.32)Pro 30:16

the grave, the barren womb, land that is not satisfied with water, and fire that never says, “Enough!”

(0.32)Isa 37:34

He will go back the way he came – he will not enter this city,’ says the Lord.

(0.32)Eze 33:19

When the wicked turns from his sin and does what is just and right, he will live because of it.

(0.32)Dan 11:22

Armies will be suddenly swept away in defeat before him; both they and a covenant leader will be destroyed.

(0.32)Hos 9:9

They have sunk deep into corruption as in the days of Gibeah. He will remember their wrongdoing. He will repay them for their sins.

(0.32)Amo 2:16

Bravehearted warriors will run away naked in that day.” The Lord is speaking!

(0.32)Zec 2:12

The Lord will take possession of Judah as his portion in the holy land and he will choose Jerusalem once again.

(0.32)Mat 24:51

and will cut him in two, and assign him a place with the hypocrites, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

(0.32)Joh 11:12

Then the disciples replied, “Lord, if he has fallen asleep, he will recover.”

(0.32)Joh 14:16

Then I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to be with you forever –

(0.32)Joh 16:8

And when he comes, he will prove the world wrong concerning sin and righteousness and judgment –

(0.32)Act 11:14

who will speak a message to you by which you and your entire household will be saved.’

(0.32)Rom 10:7

or “Who will descend into the abyss? (that is, to bring Christ up from the dead).

(0.32)1Co 6:14

Now God indeed raised the Lord and he will raise us by his power.