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(0.61)1Sa 16:21

David came to Saul and stood before him. Saul liked him a great deal, and he became his armor bearer.

(0.61)1Sa 17:41

The Philistine kept coming closer to David, with his shield bearer walking in front of him.

(0.61)2Sa 15:1

Some time later Absalom managed to acquire a chariot and horses, as well as fifty men to serve as his royal guard.

(0.61)1Ki 3:16

Then two prostitutes came to the king and stood before him.

(0.61)1Ki 16:25

Omri did more evil in the sight of the Lord than all who were before him.

(0.61)1Ki 16:30

Ahab son of Omri did more evil in the sight of the Lord than all who were before him.

(0.61)1Ki 18:15

But Elijah said, “As certainly as the Lord who rules over all lives (whom I serve), I will make an appearance before him today.”

(0.61)2Ki 4:12

He told his servant Gehazi, “Ask the Shunammite woman to come here.” So he did so and she came to him.

(0.61)2Ki 5:16

But Elisha replied, “As certainly as the Lord lives (whom I serve), I will take nothing from you.” Naaman insisted that he take it, but he refused.

(0.61)2Ki 17:2

He did evil in the sight of the Lord, but not to the same degree as the Israelite kings who preceded him.

(0.61)2Ki 25:29

Jehoiachin took off his prison clothes and ate daily in the king’s presence for the rest of his life.

(0.61)1Ch 16:29

Ascribe to the Lord the splendor he deserves! Bring an offering and enter his presence! Worship the Lord in holy attire!

(0.61)2Ch 14:5

He removed the high places and the incense altars from all the cities of Judah. The kingdom had rest under his rule.

(0.61)2Ch 14:10

and Asa went out to oppose him. They deployed for battle in the Valley of Zephathah near Mareshah.

(0.61)Job 13:16

Moreover, this will become my deliverance, for no godless person would come before him.

(0.61)Job 35:14

How much less, then, when you say that you do not perceive him, that the case is before him and you are waiting for him!

(0.61)Psa 50:3

Our God approaches and is not silent; consuming fire goes ahead of him and all around him a storm rages.

(0.61)Psa 68:4

Sing to God! Sing praises to his name! Exalt the one who rides on the clouds! For the Lord is his name! Rejoice before him!

(0.61)Psa 106:23

He threatened to destroy them, but Moses, his chosen one, interceded with him and turned back his destructive anger.

(0.61)Pro 8:30

then I was beside him as a master craftsman, and I was his delight day by day, rejoicing before him at all times,