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(1.00)Job 5:26

You will come to your grave in a full age, As stacks of grain are harvested in their season.

(0.71)2Ki 3:20

Sure enough, the next morning, at the time of the morning sacrifice, water came flowing down from Edom and filled the land.

(0.57)Jos 4:18

The priests carrying the ark of the covenant of the Lord came up from the middle of the Jordan, and as soon as they set foot on dry land, the water of the Jordan flowed again and returned to flood stage.

(0.57)Jos 6:15

On the seventh day they were up at the crack of dawn and marched around the city as before – only this time they marched around it seven times.

(0.57)Jdg 19:25

The men refused to listen to him, so the Levite grabbed his concubine and made her go outside. They raped her and abused her all night long until morning. They let her go at dawn.

(0.57)1Sa 9:26

They got up at dawn and Samuel called to Saul on the roof, “Get up, so I can send you on your way.” So Saul got up and the two of them – he and Samuel – went outside.