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(1.00)Lam 3:58

ר (Resh) O Lord, you championed my cause, you redeemed my life.

(0.87)Psa 77:15

You delivered your people by your strength – the children of Jacob and Joseph. (Selah)

(0.75)Exo 15:13

By your loyal love you will lead the people whom you have redeemed; you will guide them by your strength to your holy dwelling place.

(0.75)Lev 25:32

As for the cities of the Levites, the houses in the cities which they possess, the Levites must have a perpetual right of redemption.

(0.75)Psa 74:2

Remember your people whom you acquired in ancient times, whom you rescued so they could be your very own nation, as well as Mount Zion, where you dwell!