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(1.00)2Ch 20:8

They settled down in it and built in it a temple to honor you, saying,

(0.81)1Ch 16:19

When they were few in number, just a very few, and foreign residents within it,

(0.81)Psa 98:7

Let the sea and everything in it shout, along with the world and those who live in it!

(0.81)Psa 105:12

When they were few in number, just a very few, and resident aliens within it,

(0.81)Psa 107:34

and a fruitful land into a barren place, because of the sin of its inhabitants.

(0.71)Deu 8:9

a land where you may eat food in plenty and find no lack of anything, a land whose stones are iron and from whose hills you can mine copper.

(0.71)Deu 21:14

If you are not pleased with her, then you must let her go where she pleases. You cannot in any case sell her; you must not take advantage of her, since you have already humiliated her.

(0.71)Rut 3:15

Then he said, “Hold out the shawl you are wearing and grip it tightly.” As she held it tightly, he measured out about sixty pounds of barley into the shawl and put it on her shoulders. Then he went into town,

(0.71)Eze 29:11

No human foot will pass through it, and no animal’s foot will pass through it; it will be uninhabited for forty years.

(0.71)Zec 13:8

It will happen in all the land, says the Lord, that two-thirds of the people in it will be cut off and die, but one-third will be left in it.

(0.71)Gen 9:7

But as for you, be fruitful and multiply; increase abundantly on the earth and multiply on it.”

(0.71)Exo 30:38

Whoever makes anything like it, to use as perfume, will be cut off from his people.”

(0.71)Lev 22:8

He must not eat an animal that has died of natural causes or an animal torn by beasts and thus become unclean by it. I am the Lord.

(0.71)Job 22:8

Although you were a powerful man, owning land, an honored man living on it,

(0.71)Psa 24:1

A psalm of David. The Lord owns the earth and all it contains, the world and all who live in it.

(0.71)Psa 68:10

for you live among them. You sustain the oppressed with your good blessings, O God.

(0.71)Psa 68:14

When the sovereign judge scatters kings, let it snow on Zalmon!

(0.71)Psa 69:36

The descendants of his servants will inherit it, and those who are loyal to him will live in it.

(0.71)Pro 2:21

For the upright will reside in the land, and those with integrity will remain in it,

(0.71)Pro 3:15

She is more precious than rubies, and none of the things you desire can compare with her.