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(1.00)Psa 105:18

The shackles hurt his feet; his neck was placed in an iron collar,

(0.87)Pro 13:12

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is like a tree of life.

(0.87)Isa 63:4

For I looked forward to the day of vengeance, and then payback time arrived.

(0.87)Eze 7:6

An end comes – the end comes! It has awakened against you – the end is upon you! Look, it is coming!

(0.87)Eze 33:33

When all this comes true – and it certainly will – then they will know that a prophet was among them.”

(0.75)Gen 29:6

“Is he well?” Jacob asked. They replied, “He is well. Now look, here comes his daughter Rachel with the sheep.”

(0.75)Gen 29:9

While he was still speaking with them, Rachel arrived with her father’s sheep, for she was tending them.

(0.75)1Sa 25:19

and said to her servants, “Go on ahead of me. I will come after you.” But she did not tell her husband Nabal.

(0.75)1Ki 13:7

The king then said to the prophet, “Come home with me and have something to eat. I’d like to give a present.”

(0.75)1Ki 14:17

So Jeroboam’s wife got up and went back to Tirzah. As she crossed the threshold of the house, the boy died.

(0.75)Jer 47:5

The people of Gaza will shave their heads in mourning. The people of Ashkelon will be struck dumb. How long will you gash yourselves to show your sorrow, you who remain of Philistia’s power?

(0.75)Eze 7:5

“This is what the sovereign Lord says: A disaster – a one-of-a-kind disaster – is coming!

(0.75)Eze 7:10

“Look, the day! Look, it is coming! Doom has gone out! The staff has budded, pride has blossomed!

(0.75)Eze 33:3

He sees the sword coming against the land, blows the trumpet, and warns the people,

(0.75)Eze 39:8

Realize that it is coming and it will be done, declares the sovereign Lord. It is the day I have spoken about.

(0.75)Mic 7:4

The best of them is like a thorn; the most godly among them are more dangerous than a row of thorn bushes. The day you try to avoid by posting watchmen – your appointed time of punishment – is on the way, and then you will experience confusion.

(0.63)Gen 15:17

When the sun had gone down and it was dark, a smoking firepot with a flaming torch passed between the animal parts.

(0.63)Exo 3:9

And now indeed the cry of the Israelites has come to me, and I have also seen how severely the Egyptians oppress them.

(0.63)Num 32:19

For we will not accept any inheritance on the other side of the Jordan River and beyond, because our inheritance has come to us on this eastern side of the Jordan.”

(0.63)Rut 3:14

So she slept beside him until morning. She woke up while it was still dark. Boaz thought, “No one must know that a woman visited the threshing floor.”