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(1.00)Job 26:2

“How you have helped the powerless! How you have saved the person who has no strength!

(1.00)Job 26:3

How you have advised the one without wisdom, and abundantly revealed your insight!

(1.00)Job 39:16

She is harsh with her young, as if they were not hers; she is unconcerned about the uselessness of her labor.

(0.86)2Ch 15:3

For a long time Israel had no true God, or priest to instruct them, or law.

(0.86)Amo 6:13

You are happy because you conquered Lo-Debar. You say, “Did we not conquer Karnaim by our own power?”

(0.71)Isa 65:1

“I made myself available to those who did not ask for me; I appeared to those who did not look for me. I said, ‘Here I am! Here I am!’ to a nation that did not invoke my name.

(0.71)Hos 2:23

Then I will plant her as my own in the land. I will have pity on ‘No Pity’ (Lo-Ruhamah). I will say to ‘Not My People’ (Lo-Ammi), ‘You are my people!’ And he will say, ‘You are my God!’”

(0.57)2Ch 13:9

But you banished the Lord’s priests, Aaron’s descendants, and the Levites, and appointed your own priests just as the surrounding nations do! Anyone who comes to consecrate himself with a young bull or seven rams becomes a priest of these fake gods!