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(1.00)1Ch 5:21

They seized the Hagrites’ animals, including 50,000 camels, 250,000 sheep, and 2,000 donkeys. They also took captive 100,000 people.

(0.98)Num 31:4

You must send to the battle a thousand men from every tribe throughout all the tribes of Israel.”

(0.98)Num 31:5

So a thousand from every tribe, twelve thousand armed for battle in all, were provided out of the thousands of Israel.

(0.98)1Sa 11:8

When Saul counted them at Bezek, the Israelites were 300,000 strong and the men of Judah numbered 30,000.

(0.98)1Ki 4:26

Solomon had 4,000 stalls for his chariot horses and 12,000 horses.

(0.98)1Ki 5:15

Solomon also had 70,000 common laborers and 80,000 stonecutters in the hills,

(0.98)1Ch 12:34

From Naphtali there were 1,000 officers, along with 37,000 men carrying shields and spears.

(0.98)Eze 47:4

Again he measured 1,750 feet and led me through the water, which was now knee deep. Once more he measured 1,750 feet and led me through the water, which was waist deep.

(0.92)Num 2:19

Those numbered in his division are 40,500.

(0.92)Num 2:21

Those numbered in his division are 32,200.

(0.92)Num 25:9

Those that died in the plague were 24,000.

(0.92)Num 31:33

72,000 cattle,

(0.92)Num 31:34

61,000 donkeys,

(0.92)Num 31:44

36,000 cattle,

(0.92)Num 31:45

30,500 donkeys,

(0.92)Num 31:46

and 16,000 people.

(0.92)2Ch 2:10

Look, I will pay your servants who cut the timber 20,000 kors of ground wheat, 20,000 kors of barley, 120,000 gallons of wine, and 120,000 gallons of olive oil.”

(0.92)Ezr 2:7

the descendants of Elam: 1,254;

(0.92)Ezr 2:12

the descendants of Azgad: 1,222;

(0.92)Ezr 2:37

the descendants of Immer: 1,052;