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(1.00)Psa 102:27

But you remain; your years do not come to an end.

(0.88)2Sa 22:26

You prove to be loyal to one who is faithful; you prove to be trustworthy to one who is innocent.

(0.88)1Ki 7:22

The tops of the pillars were shaped like lilies. So the construction of the pillars was completed.

(0.88)Psa 18:25

You prove to be loyal to one who is faithful; you prove to be trustworthy to one who is innocent.

(0.88)Psa 73:19

How desolate they become in a mere moment! Terrifying judgments make their demise complete!

(0.88)Eze 22:15

I will scatter you among the nations and disperse you among various countries; I will remove your impurity from you.

(0.75)Num 17:13

(17:28) Anyone who even comes close to the tabernacle of the Lord will die! Are we all to die?”

(0.75)Deu 2:15

Indeed, it was the very hand of the Lord that eliminated them from within the camp until they were all gone.

(0.75)Deu 2:16

So it was that after all the military men had been eliminated from the community,

(0.75)Deu 31:24

When Moses finished writing on a scroll the words of this law in their entirety,

(0.75)Deu 31:30

Then Moses recited the words of this song from start to finish in the hearing of the whole assembly of Israel.

(0.75)Jos 4:11

and when all the people had finished crossing, the ark of the Lord and the priests crossed as the people looked on.

(0.75)Jos 5:8

When all the men had been circumcised, they stayed there in the camp until they had healed.

(0.75)2Sa 20:18

She said, “In the past they would always say, ‘Let them inquire in Abel,’ and that is how they settled things.

(0.75)Job 22:3

Is it of any special benefit to the Almighty that you should be righteous, or is it any gain to him that you make your ways blameless?

(0.75)Job 31:40

then let thorns sprout up in place of wheat, and in place of barley, weeds!” The words of Job are ended.

(0.75)Psa 9:6

The enemy’s cities have been reduced to permanent ruins; you destroyed their cities; all memory of the enemies has perished.

(0.75)Psa 64:6

They devise unjust schemes; they disguise a well-conceived plot. Man’s inner thoughts cannot be discovered.

(0.75)Lam 3:22

ח (Khet) The Lord’s loyal kindness never ceases; his compassions never end.

(0.75)Eze 24:10

Pile up the bones, kindle the fire; cook the meat well, mix in the spices, let the bones be charred.