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(1.00)Psa 35:9

Then I will rejoice in the Lord and be happy because of his deliverance.

(1.00)Psa 119:14

I rejoice in the lifestyle prescribed by your rules as if they were riches of all kinds.

(0.88)Job 3:22

who rejoice even to jubilation, and are exultant when they find the grave?

(0.88)Job 39:21

It paws the ground in the valley, exulting mightily, it goes out to meet the weapons.

(0.88)Psa 68:3

But the godly are happy; they rejoice before God and are overcome with joy.

(0.88)Psa 119:162

I rejoice in your instructions, like one who finds much plunder.

(0.88)Isa 35:1

Let the desert and dry region be happy; let the wilderness rejoice and bloom like a lily!

(0.75)Psa 19:5

Like a bridegroom it emerges from its chamber; like a strong man it enjoys running its course.

(0.75)Psa 40:16

May all those who seek you be happy and rejoice in you! May those who love to experience your deliverance say continually, “May the Lord be praised!”

(0.75)Psa 70:4

May all those who seek you be happy and rejoice in you! May those who love to experience your deliverance say continually, “May God be praised!”

(0.75)Isa 65:19

Jerusalem will bring me joy, and my people will bring me happiness. The sound of weeping or cries of sorrow will never be heard in her again.

(0.75)Jer 32:41

I will take delight in doing good to them. I will faithfully and wholeheartedly plant them firmly in the land.’

(0.71)Deu 28:63

This is what will happen: Just as the Lord delighted to do good for you and make you numerous, he will take delight in destroying and decimating you. You will be uprooted from the land you are about to possess.

(0.71)Deu 30:9

The Lord your God will make the labor of your hands abundantly successful and multiply your children, the offspring of your cattle, and the produce of your soil. For the Lord your God will once more rejoice over you to make you prosperous just as he rejoiced over your ancestors,

(0.71)Isa 61:10

I will greatly rejoice in the Lord; I will be overjoyed because of my God. For he clothes me in garments of deliverance; he puts on me a robe symbolizing vindication. I look like a bridegroom when he wears a turban as a priest would; I look like a bride when she puts on her jewelry.

(0.63)Isa 62:5

As a young man marries a young woman, so your sons will marry you. As a bridegroom rejoices over a bride, so your God will rejoice over you.

(0.63)Isa 64:5

You assist those who delight in doing what is right, who observe your commandments. Look, you were angry because we violated them continually. How then can we be saved?

(0.63)Isa 65:18

But be happy and rejoice forevermore over what I am about to create! For look, I am ready to create Jerusalem to be a source of joy, and her people to be a source of happiness.

(0.63)Isa 66:10

Be happy for Jerusalem and rejoice with her, all you who love her! Share in her great joy, all you who have mourned over her!

(0.63)Isa 66:14

When you see this, you will be happy, and you will be revived. The Lord will reveal his power to his servants and his anger to his enemies.