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(1.00)Job 3:2

Job spoke up and said:

(1.00)Job 6:1

Then Job responded:

(1.00)Job 9:1

Then Job answered:

(1.00)Job 12:1

Then Job answered:

(1.00)Job 16:1

Then Job replied:

(1.00)Job 19:1

Then Job answered:

(1.00)Job 21:1

Then Job answered:

(1.00)Job 23:1

Then Job answered:

(1.00)Job 26:1

Then Job replied:

(1.00)Job 34:1

Elihu answered:

(1.00)Job 35:1

Then Elihu answered:

(0.87)Exo 32:18

Moses said, “It is not the sound of those who shout for victory, nor is it the sound of those who cry because they are overcome, but the sound of singing I hear.”

(0.87)Hos 2:21

“At that time, I will willingly respond,” declares the Lord. “I will respond to the sky, and the sky will respond to the ground;

(0.85)Gen 41:16

Joseph replied to Pharaoh, “It is not within my power, but God will speak concerning the welfare of Pharaoh.”

(0.85)Isa 36:21

They were silent and did not respond, for the king had ordered, “Don’t respond to him.”

(0.80)Gen 23:14

Ephron answered Abraham, saying to him,

(0.80)Exo 20:16

“You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

(0.80)Deu 5:20

You must not offer false testimony against another.

(0.80)Est 5:7

Esther responded, “My request and my petition is this:

(0.80)Job 4:1

Then Eliphaz the Temanite answered: