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(1.00)Psa 80:13

The wild boars of the forest ruin it; the insects of the field feed on it.

(1.00)Pro 11:22

Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who rejects discretion.

(0.86)Isa 65:4

They sit among the tombs and keep watch all night long. They eat pork, and broth from unclean sacrificial meat is in their pans.

(0.71)Lev 11:7

The pig is unclean to you because its hoof is divided (the hoof is completely split in two), even though it does not chew the cud.

(0.71)Deu 14:8

Also the pig is ritually impure to you; though it has divided hooves, it does not chew the cud. You may not eat their meat or even touch their remains.

(0.71)Isa 66:17

“As for those who consecrate and ritually purify themselves so they can follow their leader and worship in the sacred orchards, those who eat the flesh of pigs and other disgusting creatures, like mice – they will all be destroyed together,” says the Lord.

(0.57)Isa 66:3

The one who slaughters a bull also strikes down a man; the one who sacrifices a lamb also breaks a dog’s neck; the one who presents an offering includes pig’s blood with it; the one who offers incense also praises an idol. They have decided to behave this way; they enjoy these disgusting practices.