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(0.55)Psa 139:23

Examine me, and probe my thoughts! Test me, and know my concerns!

(0.55)Psa 143:4

My strength leaves me; I am absolutely shocked.

(0.55)Pro 5:12

And you will say, “How I hated discipline! My heart spurned reproof!

(0.55)Pro 12:25

Anxiety in a person’s heart weighs him down, but an encouraging word brings him joy.

(0.55)Pro 14:10

The heart knows its own bitterness, and with its joy no one else can share.

(0.55)Pro 16:21

The one who is wise in heart is called discerning, and kind speech increases persuasiveness.

(0.55)Pro 19:3

A person’s folly subverts his way, and his heart rages against the Lord.

(0.55)Pro 21:2

All of a person’s ways seem right in his own opinion, but the Lord evaluates the motives.

(0.55)Pro 23:17

Do not let your heart envy sinners, but rather be zealous in fearing the Lord all the time.

(0.55)Pro 24:17

Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and when he stumbles do not let your heart rejoice,

(0.55)Pro 27:11

Be wise, my son, and make my heart glad, so that I may answer anyone who taunts me.

(0.55)Pro 28:14

Blessed is the one who is always cautious, but whoever hardens his heart will fall into evil.

(0.55)Ecc 7:3

Sorrow is better than laughter, because sober reflection is good for the heart.

(0.55)Jer 3:15

I will give you leaders who will be faithful to me. They will lead you with knowledge and insight.

(0.55)Jer 9:14

Instead they have followed the stubborn inclinations of their own hearts. They have paid allegiance to the gods called Baal, as their fathers taught them to do.

(0.55)Eze 21:6

“And you, son of man, groan with an aching heart and bitterness; groan before their eyes.

(0.55)Joh 14:1

“Do not let your hearts be distressed. You believe in God; believe also in me.

(0.55)Act 7:39

Our ancestors were unwilling to obey him, but pushed him aside and turned back to Egypt in their hearts,

(0.55)2Co 8:16

But thanks be to God who put in the heart of Titus the same devotion I have for you,

(0.55)Eph 6:6

not like those who do their work only when someone is watching – as people-pleasers – but as slaves of Christ doing the will of God from the heart.