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(0.40)1Sa 26:21

Saul replied, “I have sinned. Come back, my son David. I won’t harm you, for you treated my life with value this day. I have behaved foolishly and have made a very terrible mistake!”

(0.40)Pro 24:9

A foolish scheme is sin, and the scorner is an abomination to people.

(0.40)Isa 44:10

Who forms a god and casts an idol that will prove worthless?

(0.40)Hos 9:7

The time of judgment is about to arrive! The time of retribution is imminent! Let Israel know!The prophet is considered a fool – the inspired man is viewed as a madman – because of the multitude of your sins and your intense animosity.

(0.40)Mat 5:22

But I say to you that anyone who is angry with a brother will be subjected to judgment. And whoever insults a brother will be brought before the council, and whoever says ‘Fool’ will be sent to fiery hell.

(0.38)Num 22:29

And Balaam said to the donkey, “You have made me look stupid; I wish there were a sword in my hand, for I would kill you right now.”

(0.38)Pro 7:22

Suddenly he went after her like an ox that goes to the slaughter, like a stag prancing into a trapper’s snare

(0.34)Psa 49:13

This is the destiny of fools, and of those who approve of their philosophy. (Selah)

(0.34)Ecc 10:6

Fools are placed in many positions of authority, while wealthy men sit in lowly positions.

(0.34)Mat 23:19

You are blind! For which is greater, the gift or the altar that makes the gift sacred?

(0.34)1Co 15:33

Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.”

(0.34)Jam 1:22

But be sure you live out the message and do not merely listen to it and so deceive yourselves.

(0.34)1Jo 1:8

If we say we do not bear the guilt of sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us.

(0.33)Psa 74:22

Rise up, O God! Defend your honor! Remember how fools insult you all day long!

(0.32)1Sa 25:25

My lord should not pay attention to this wicked man Nabal. He simply lives up to his name! His name means ‘fool,’ and he is indeed foolish! But I, your servant, did not see the servants my lord sent.

(0.32)2Co 11:21

(To my disgrace I must say that we were too weak for that!) But whatever anyone else dares to boast about (I am speaking foolishly), I also dare to boast about the same thing.

(0.29)Pro 6:6

Go to the ant, you sluggard; observe its ways and be wise!

(0.29)Jer 7:8

“‘But just look at you! You are putting your confidence in a false belief that will not deliver you.

(0.27)Job 13:9

Would it turn out well if he would examine you? Or as one deceives a man would you deceive him?

(0.27)Pro 30:32

If you have done foolishly by exalting yourself or if you have planned evil, put your hand over your mouth!