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(1.00) (Exo 1:21)

tn Or “families”; Heb “houses.”

(1.00) (Luk 2:4)

tn Or “family,” “lineage.”

(1.00) (Eph 3:15)

tn Or “the whole family.”

(0.88) (Psa 22:27)

tn Heb “families of the nations.”

(0.88) (Mic 2:3)

tn Heb “clan” or “extended family.”

(0.75) (Exo 6:14)

tn Or “families,” and so throughout the genealogy.

(0.75) (Ezr 8:1)

tn Heb “the heads of their families.”

(0.62) (Num 25:6)

tn Or “to his family”; or “to his clan.”

(0.62) (Deu 25:10)

tn Cf. NIV, NCV “The Family of the Unsandaled.”

(0.62) (Rut 4:18)

tn Or “generations” (so KJV, NASB); NIV, NLT “family line.”

(0.62) (2Sa 6:21)

tn Heb “all his house”; CEV “anyone else in your family.”

(0.62) (2Sa 12:11)

tn Heb “house” (so NAB, NRSV); NCV, TEV, CEV “family.”

(0.62) (Psa 133:1)

sn Psalm 133. The psalmist affirms the benefits of family unity.

(0.62) (Hos 1:4)

tn Heb “house” (so NAB, NRSV); NCV “family”; CEV “descendants.”

(0.62) (Est 8:6)

tn Heb “my kindred” (so KJV, NASB, NRSV); NAB “my race”; NIV “my family”; NLT “my people and my family.”

(0.62) (Pro 14:11)

tn Heb “house.” The term “house” is a metonymy of subject, referring to their contents: families and family life.

(0.62) (Isa 22:25)

sn Eliakim’s authority, though seemingly secure, will eventually be removed, and with it his family’s prominence.

(0.56) (Gen 25:12)

sn This is the account of Ishmael. The Book of Genesis tends to tidy up the family records at every turning point. Here, before proceeding with the story of Isaac’s family, the narrative traces Ishmael’s family line. Later, before discussing Jacob’s family, the narrative traces Esau’s family line (see Gen 36).

(0.54) (Luk 12:24)

tn Or “crows.” Crows and ravens belong to the same family of birds. English uses “crow” as a general word for the family. Palestine has several indigenous members of the crow family.

(0.54) (Rev 19:10)

tn The Greek term “brother” literally refers to family relationships, but here it is used in a broader sense to connote familial relationships within the family of God (cf. BDAG 18 s.v. ἀδελφός 2.a).

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