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(1.00) (Isa 49:21)

tn Or “exiled and thrust away”; NIV “exiled and rejected.”

(0.99) (Ezr 6:16)

tn Aram “sons of the exile.”

(0.99) (Amo 1:15)

tn Heb “will go into exile.”

(0.85) (Ezr 4:1)

tn Heb “the sons of the exile.”

(0.80) (Amo 6:7)

tn Heb “they will go into exile at the head of the exiles.”

(0.71) (Isa 11:12)

tn Or “the banished of Israel,” i.e., the exiles.

(0.71) (Jer 51:51)

sn The exiles lament the way they have been humiliated.

(0.71) (Eze 19:13)

sn This metaphor depicts the Babylonian exile of the Davidic dynasty.

(0.71) (Nah 2:7)

tn Or “her maidservants are led away [into exile].”

(0.57) (Ezr 6:19)

tn Heb “the sons of the exile.” So also in v. 20.

(0.57) (Psa 107:1)

sn Psalm 107. The psalmist praises God for his kindness to his exiled people.

(0.57) (Isa 50:10)

tn The plural indicates degree. Darkness may refer to exile and/or moral evil.

(0.57) (Jer 48:46)

tn Heb “Your sons will be taken away into captivity, your daughters into exile.”

(0.57) (Jer 51:50)

sn God’s exiled people are told to leave doomed Babylon (see v. 45).

(0.57) (Amo 1:9)

tn Heb “[group of] exiles.” A similar phrase occurs in v. 6.

(0.57) (Amo 7:11)

tn See the note on the word “exile” in 5:5.

(0.57) (Amo 7:17)

tn See the note on the word “exile” in 5:5.

(0.57) (Mic 4:6)

sn The exiles of the nation are compared to lame and injured sheep.

(0.57) (Zep 3:20)

tn In this line the second person pronoun is masculine plural, indicating that the exiles are addressed.

(0.57) (Act 7:43)

sn A quotation from Amos 5:25-27. This constituted a prediction of the exile.

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