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(1.00)(Heb 10:28)

tn <i>Grki> “dies.”

(1.00)(1Ki 3:19)

tn <i>Hebi> “died.”

(1.00)(Num 14:2)

tn <i>Hebi> “died.”

(0.80)(Jud 1:12)

tn <i>Grki> “having died twice.”

(0.80)(Act 13:41)

tn Orand die!”

(0.80)(Joh 15:13)

tn Orone dies willingly.”

(0.80)(Joh 10:17)

tn Ordie willingly.”

(0.80)(Joh 10:15)

tn OrI die willingly.”

(0.80)(Luk 8:53)

tn Orhad died.”

(0.80)(2Ch 24:25)

tn <i>Hebi> “and he died.”

(0.80)(2Ki 7:3)

tn <i>Hebi> “until we die.”

(0.80)(2Sa 1:4)

tn <i>Hebi> “fell and died.”

(0.70)(Joh 11:26)

tn <i>Grki> “will never die forever.”

(0.70)(Lev 22:9)

tn <i>Hebi> “and die in it.”

(0.70)(Exo 8:13)

tn <i>Hebi> “and the frogs died.”

(0.60)(Heb 11:22)

tn <i>Grki> “coming to an end,” “dying.”

(0.60)(Joh 13:37)

tn OrI will die willingly for you.”

(0.60)(Joh 13:38)

tn OrWill you die willingly for me?”

(0.60)(Joh 10:11)

tn OrThe good shepherd dies willingly.”

(0.60)(Jon 4:8)

tn <i>Hebi> “he asked his soul to die.”