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(0.34)Job 23:14

For he fulfills his decree against me, and many such things are his plans.

(0.34)Job 32:10

Therefore I say, ‘Listen to me. I, even I, will explain what I know.’

(0.34)Job 34:14

If God were to set his heart on it, and gather in his spirit and his breath,

(0.34)Job 34:23

For he does not still consider a person, that he should come before God in judgment.

(0.34)Job 38:5

Who set its measurements – if you know – or who stretched a measuring line across it?

(0.34)Psa 17:2

Make a just decision on my behalf! Decide what is right!

(0.34)Psa 44:22

Yet because of you we are killed all day long; we are treated like sheep at the slaughtering block.

(0.34)Psa 132:13

Certainly the Lord has chosen Zion; he decided to make it his home.

(0.34)Ecc 3:12

I have concluded that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to enjoy themselves as long as they live,

(0.34)Isa 5:3

So now, residents of Jerusalem, people of Judah, you decide between me and my vineyard!

(0.34)Isa 10:23

The sovereign master, the Lord who commands armies, is certainly ready to carry out the decreed destruction throughout the land.

(0.34)Isa 28:6

He will give discernment to the one who makes judicial decisions, and strength to those who defend the city from attackers.

(0.34)Jer 18:7

There are times, Jeremiah, when I threaten to uproot, tear down, and destroy a nation or kingdom.

(0.34)Jer 18:9

And there are times when I promise to build up and establish a nation or kingdom.

(0.34)Dan 6:1

It seemed like a good idea to Darius to appoint over the kingdom 120 satraps who would be in charge of the entire kingdom.

(0.34)Amo 7:3

The Lord decided not to do this. “It will not happen,” the Lord said.

(0.34)Amo 7:6

The Lord decided not to do this. The sovereign Lord said, “This will not happen either.”

(0.34)Hag 2:11

“The Lord who rules over all says, ‘Ask the priests about the law.

(0.34)Zec 8:15

so, to the contrary, I have planned in these days to do good to Jerusalem and Judah – do not fear!

(0.34)Mat 16:7

So they began to discuss this among themselves, saying, “It is because we brought no bread.”