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(1.00)Num 15:34

They put him in custody, because there was no clear instruction about what should be done to him.

(0.88)Lev 24:12

So they placed him in custody until they were able to make a clear legal decision for themselves based on words from the mouth of the Lord.

(0.78)Gen 40:4

The captain of the guard appointed Joseph to be their attendant, and he served them. They spent some time in custody.

(0.72)Gen 40:3

so he imprisoned them in the house of the captain of the guard in the same facility where Joseph was confined.

(0.68)Est 2:8

It so happened that when the king’s edict and his law became known many young women were taken to Susa the citadel to be placed under the authority of Hegai. Esther also was taken to the royal palace to be under the authority of Hegai, who was overseeing the women.

(0.61)Gen 42:17

He imprisoned them all for three days.

(0.58)Gen 40:7

So he asked Pharaoh’s officials, who were with him in custody in his master’s house, “Why do you look so sad today?”

(0.58)Act 24:23

He ordered the centurion to guard Paul, but to let him have some freedom, and not to prevent any of his friends from meeting his needs.

(0.58)Act 25:21

But when Paul appealed to be kept in custody for the decision of His Majesty the Emperor, I ordered him to be kept under guard until I could send him to Caesar.”

(0.51)Luk 22:63

Now the men who were holding Jesus under guard began to mock him and beat him.

(0.51)Act 4:3

So they seized them and put them in jail until the next day (for it was already evening).

(0.47)Gen 41:10

Pharaoh was enraged with his servants, and he put me in prison in the house of the captain of the guards – me and the chief baker.

(0.47)Gal 3:23

Now before faith came we were held in custody under the law, being kept as prisoners until the coming faith would be revealed.

(0.43)Est 2:3

And let the king appoint officers throughout all the provinces of his kingdom to gather all the attractive young women to Susa the citadel, to the harem under the authority of Hegai, the king’s eunuch who oversees the women, and let him provide whatever cosmetics they desire.

(0.43)Est 2:14

In the evening she went, and in the morning she returned to a separate part of the harem, to the authority of Shaashgaz the king’s eunuch who was overseeing the concubines. She would not go back to the king unless the king was pleased with her and she was requested by name.

(0.42)Act 25:4

Then Festus replied that Paul was being kept at Caesarea, and he himself intended to go there shortly.

(0.41)Mat 27:16

At that time they had in custody a notorious prisoner named Jesus Barabbas.

(0.41)Eze 19:9

They put him in a collar with hooks; they brought him to the king of Babylon; they brought him to prison so that his voice would not be heard any longer on the mountains of Israel.

(0.33)1Ch 29:8

All who possessed precious stones donated them to the treasury of the Lord’s temple, which was under the supervision of Jehiel the Gershonite.

(0.29)Jer 39:15

Now the Lord had spoken to Jeremiah while he was still confined in the courtyard of the guardhouse,