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(1.00)1Ch 13:1

David consulted with his military officers, including those who led groups of a thousand and those who led groups of a hundred.

(0.77)Isa 8:19

They will say to you, “Seek oracles at the pits used to conjure up underworld spirits, from the magicians who chirp and mutter incantations. Should people not seek oracles from their gods, by asking the dead about the destiny of the living?”

(0.62)Psa 83:3

They carefully plot against your people, and make plans to harm the ones you cherish.

(0.59)1Ki 12:8

But Rehoboam rejected their advice and consulted the young advisers who served him, with whom he had grown up.

(0.58)Deu 18:11

one who casts spells, one who conjures up spirits, a practitioner of the occult, or a necromancer.

(0.58)Psa 83:5

Yes, they devise a unified strategy; they form an alliance against you.

(0.56)Psa 71:10

For my enemies talk about me; those waiting for a chance to kill me plot my demise.

(0.55)Eze 21:21

For the king of Babylon stands at the fork in the road at the head of the two routes. He looks for omens: He shakes arrows, he consults idols, he examines animal livers.

(0.54)Ezr 2:63

The governor instructed them not to eat any of the sacred food until there was a priest who could consult the Urim and Thummim.

(0.54)Gal 1:16

to reveal his Son in me so that I could preach him among the Gentiles, I did not go to ask advice from any human being,

(0.50)2Ch 10:8

But Rehoboam rejected their advice and consulted the young advisers who served him, with whom he had grown up.

(0.48)Mat 27:7

After consulting together they bought the Potter’s Field with it, as a burial place for foreigners.

(0.48)Mat 28:12

After they had assembled with the elders and formed a plan, they gave a large sum of money to the soldiers,

(0.48)1Ki 12:6

King Rehoboam consulted with the older advisers who had served his father Solomon when he had been alive. He asked them, “How do you advise me to answer these people?”

(0.48)1Ch 10:13

So Saul died because he was unfaithful to the Lord and did not obey the Lord’s instructions; he even tried to conjure up underworld spirits.

(0.48)2Ch 20:21

He met with the people and appointed musicians to play before the Lord and praise his majestic splendor. As they marched ahead of the warriors they said: “Give thanks to the Lord, for his loyal love endures.”

(0.48)Mar 15:1

Early in the morning, after forming a plan, the chief priests with the elders and the experts in the law and the whole Sanhedrin tied Jesus up, led him away, and handed him over to Pilate.

(0.47)Mat 26:4

They planned to arrest Jesus by stealth and kill him.

(0.44)Deu 17:9

You will go to the Levitical priests and the judge in office in those days and seek a solution; they will render a verdict.

(0.44)2Ch 32:3

he consulted with his advisers and military officers about stopping up the springs outside the city, and they supported him.