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(0.47)1Ki 9:24

Solomon built the terrace as soon as Pharaoh’s daughter moved up from the city of David to the palace Solomon built for her.

(0.47)1Ch 15:1

David constructed buildings in the City of David; he then prepared a place for the ark of God and pitched a tent for it.

(0.47)Joh 2:20

Then the Jewish leaders said to him, “This temple has been under construction for forty-six years, and are you going to raise it up in three days?”

(0.47)1Co 10:23

“Everything is lawful,” but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is lawful,” but not everything builds others up.

(0.43)Ezr 6:8

“I also hereby issue orders as to what you are to do with those elders of the Jews in order to rebuild this temple of God. From the royal treasury, from the taxes of Trans-Euphrates the complete costs are to be given to these men, so that there may be no interruption of the work.

(0.43)Heb 11:7

By faith Noah, when he was warned about things not yet seen, with reverent regard constructed an ark for the deliverance of his family. Through faith he condemned the world and became an heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.

(0.42)Exo 30:1

“You are to make an altar for burning incense; you are to make it of acacia wood.

(0.42)Exo 35:10

Every skilled person among you is to come and make all that the Lord has commanded:

(0.42)Exo 36:4

So all the skilled people who were doing all the work on the sanctuary came from the work they were doing

(0.42)Exo 36:26

and their forty silver bases, two bases under the first frame and two bases under the next frame.

(0.42)Num 32:36

Beth Nimrah, and Beth Haran as fortified cities, and constructed pens for their flocks.

(0.42)2Ki 12:15

They did not audit the treasurers who disbursed the funds to the foremen, for they were honest.

(0.42)2Ki 22:6

including craftsmen, builders, and masons, and should buy wood and chiseled stone for the repair work.

(0.42)2Ki 22:7

Do not audit the foremen who disburse the silver, for they are honest.”

(0.42)2Ch 2:1

(1:18) Solomon ordered a temple to be built to honor the Lord, as well as a royal palace for himself.

(0.42)2Ch 2:13

Now I am sending you Huram Abi, a skilled and capable man,

(0.42)2Ch 3:2

He began building on the second day of the second month of the fourth year of his reign.

(0.42)2Ch 17:12

Jehoshaphat’s power kept increasing. He built fortresses and storage cities throughout Judah.

(0.42)2Ch 20:36

They agreed to make large seagoing merchant ships; they built the ships in Ezion Geber.

(0.42)2Ch 26:9

Uzziah built and fortified towers in Jerusalem at the Corner Gate, Valley Gate, and at the Angle.