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(1.00) (Heb 10:22)

tn Grk “in assurance of faith.”

(0.86) (Jer 29:31)

tn Or “is giving you false assurances.”

(0.71) (Isa 32:9)

tn Or “self-assured”; NASB, NRSV “who are at ease.”

(0.71) (Jer 28:15)

tn Or “You are giving these people false assurances.”

(0.50) (2Ki 25:24)

tn The words “so as to give them…some assurance of safety” are supplied in the translation for clarification.

(0.50) (Pro 16:5)

tn Heb “hand to hand.” This idiom means “you can be assured” (e.g., Prov 11:21).

(0.50) (Isa 45:1)

sn The “right hand” is a symbol of activity and strength; the Lord directs Cyrus’ activities and assures his success.

(0.43) (Psa 85:8)

sn I will listen. Having asked for the Lord’s favor, the psalmist (who here represents the nation) anticipates a divine word of assurance.

(0.43) (Psa 91:14)

tn The words “the Lord says” are supplied in the translation to clarify that the words which follow are the Lord’s oracle of assurance.

(0.43) (Pro 14:16)

tn The verb בָּטַח here denotes self-assurance or overconfidence. Fools are not cautious and do not fear the consequences of their actions.

(0.43) (Isa 54:14)

tn Heb “Be far from oppression!” The imperative is used here in a rhetorical manner to express certainty and assurance. See GKC 324 §110.c.

(0.43) (Mic 7:11)

sn Personified Jerusalem declares her confidence in vv. 8-10; in this verse she is assured that she will indeed be vindicated.

(0.40) (Jer 40:9)

tn The words “so as to give them some assurance of safety” are not in the text but are generally understood by all commentators. This would be a case of substitution of cause for effect, the oath, put for the effect, the assurance of safety (NJPS translates directly “reassured them”).

(0.36) (Psa 20:1)

sn Psalm 20. The people pray for the king’s success in battle. When the king declares his assurance that the Lord will answer the people’s prayer, they affirm their confidence in God’s enablement.

(0.36) (Psa 28:6)

sn He has heard my plea for mercy. The psalmist’s mood abruptly changes at this point, because the Lord responded positively to his petition and assured him that he would deliver him.

(0.36) (Psa 48:1)

sn Psalm 48. This so-called “Song of Zion” celebrates the greatness and glory of the Lord’s dwelling place, Jerusalem. His presence in the city elevates it above all others and assures its security.

(0.36) (Psa 60:1)

sn Psalm 60. The psalmist grieves over Israel’s humiliation, but in response to God’s assuring word, he asks for divine help in battle and expresses his confidence in victory.

(0.36) (Psa 107:20)

tn Heb “he sent his word.” This probably refers to an oracle of assurance which announced his intention to intervene (see L. C. Allen, Psalms 101-150 [WBC], 59).

(0.36) (Psa 143:8)

tn Heb “cause me to hear in the morning your loyal love.” Here “loyal love” probably stands metonymically for an oracle of assurance promising God’s intervention as an expression of his loyal love.

(0.36) (Pro 18:8)

sn When the choice morsels of gossip are received, they go down like delicious food – into the innermost being. R. N. Whybray says, “There is a flaw in human nature that assures slander will be listened to” (Proverbs [CBC], 105).

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