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(1.00) (Jdg 2:2)

tn Heb “their altars.”

(1.00) (2Ki 16:12)

tn Heb “the altar.”

(1.00) (Rev 16:7)

tn Grk “the altar saying.”

(0.88) (Amo 9:1)

sn The altar is perhaps the altar at Bethel.

(0.75) (Exo 27:5)

tn Heb “to the half of the altar.”

(0.75) (Jdg 13:20)

tn Heb “in the flame from the altar.”

(0.75) (1Ki 6:20)

tn Heb “he plated [the] altar of cedar.”

(0.75) (1Ki 13:5)

tn Heb “were poured out from the altar.”

(0.75) (2Ki 16:15)

tn That is, the newly constructed altar.

(0.75) (2Ch 14:3)

tn Heb “the altars of the foreigner.”

(0.71) (Lev 4:18)

sn See v. 7, where this altar is identified as the altar of fragrant incense.

(0.65) (Num 23:2)

tn The Hebrew text has “on the altar,” but since there were seven of each animal and seven altars, the implication is that this means on each altar.

(0.63) (1Ki 13:4)

tn Heb “Jeroboam extended his hand from the altar.”

(0.63) (2Ki 25:14)

sn These shovels were used to clean the altar.

(0.63) (Jer 52:18)

sn These shovels were used to clean the altar.

(0.63) (Mat 23:18)

tn Grk “Whoever swears by the altar, it is nothing.”

(0.54) (Isa 27:9)

tn Heb “when he makes the stones of an altar.” The singular “altar” is collective here; pagan altars are in view, as the last line of the verse indicates. See also 17:8.

(0.53) (Exo 27:1)

tn The article on this word identifies this as the altar, meaning the main high altar on which the sacrifices would be made.

(0.53) (Exo 38:31)

sn The bronze altar is the altar for the burnt offering; the large bronze basin is not included here in the list.

(0.53) (Jdg 6:26)

tn Possibly “in a row” or “in a layer,” perhaps referring to the arrangement of the stones used in the altar’s construction.

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