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(1.00)(Dan 6:2)

tn <i>Arami> “giving an account.”

(1.00)(Psa 7:1)

tn Oron account of.”

(0.88)(1Pe 4:5)

tn <i>Grki> “give an account to.”

(0.88)(Rom 14:15)

tn <i>Grki> “on account of food.”

(0.88)(Psa 69:7)

tn <i>Hebi> “on account of you.”

(0.88)(2Ch 25:4)

tn <i>Hebi> “on account of sons.”

(0.88)(2Ch 25:4)

tn <i>Hebi> “on account of fathers.”

(0.88)(2Ki 14:6)

tn <i>Hebi> “on account of fathers.”

(0.88)(2Ki 14:6)

tn <i>Hebi> “on account of sons.”

(0.75)(Lam 2:11)

tn <i>Hebi> “on account of the breaking.”

(0.75)(1Sa 12:22)

tn <i>Hebi> “on account of his great name.”

(0.75)(Gen 26:7)

tn <i>Hebi> “kill me on account of.”

(0.71)(Heb 13:17)

tn Oras ones who will give an account”; <i>Grki> “as giving an account.”

(0.62)(Rom 14:12)

tn Oreach of us is accountable to God.”

(0.62)(Jon 1:8)

tn <i>Hebi> “On whose account is this calamity upon us?”

(0.62)(Jon 1:7)

tn <i>Hebi> “On whose account this calamity is upon us.”

(0.62)(Psa 39:11)

tnwith punishments on account of sin you discipline a man.”

(0.62)(2Ki 25:8)

tn The parallel account in <data ref="Bible:Je 52:12">Jer 52:12data> hastenth.”

(0.62)(Gen 5:1)

tn <i>Hebi> “bookorroll.” Cf. NIVwritten account”; NRSVlist.”

(0.54)(Gen 25:19)

sn <i>This is the account of Isaaci>. What follows for several chapters is <i>noti> the account of Isaac, except briefly, but the account of Jacob and Esau. The next chapters tell what became of Isaac and his family.