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(1.00) (Ecc 10:3)

tn Heb “he tells everyone.”

(1.00) (Ecc 10:20)

tn Heb “tell the matter.”

(0.88) (Jdg 14:16)

tn Heb “Should I tell you?”

(0.88) (Joh 8:45)

tn Or “because I tell you.”

(0.88) (Joh 8:46)

tn Or “if I tell you.”

(0.75) (Gen 46:31)

tn Heb “tell Pharaoh and say to him.”

(0.75) (Jdg 14:13)

tn Heb “you are unable to tell me.”

(0.75) (2Sa 17:16)

tn Heb “send quickly and tell David saying.”

(0.75) (Hag 2:2)

tn Heb “say to”; NAB “Tell this to.”

(0.62) (Gen 41:24)

tn Heb “and there was no one telling me.”

(0.62) (Ecc 8:7)

tn Heb “Who can tell him what will be?”

(0.62) (Isa 30:10)

tn Heb “Tell us smooth things, see deceptive things.”

(0.62) (Joh 16:13)

tn Grk “will tell you the things to come.”

(0.54) (Exo 8:27)

tn The form is the imperfect tense. It could be future: “as he will tell us,” but it also could be the progressive imperfect if this is now what God is telling them to do: “as he is telling us.”

(0.53) (Mic 1:10)

tn Heb “Tell it not in Gath.” The Hebrew word for “tell” (נָגַד, nagad) sounds like the name of the city, Gath (גַּת, gat).

(0.50) (Exo 14:5)

tn The verb must be given a past perfect translation because the fleeing occurred before the telling.

(0.50) (Jdg 14:15)

tn Heb “Entice your husband so that he might tell us the riddle.”

(0.50) (1Sa 8:9)

tn Heb “and tell them the manner of the king who will rule over them.”

(0.50) (1Sa 12:3)

tn The words “tell me” are supplied in the translation for stylistic reasons.

(0.50) (1Sa 25:36)

tn Heb “and she did not tell him a thing, small or large.”

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