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(1.00)1Ki 22:37

So the king died and was taken to Samaria, where they buried him.

(0.94)2Ki 2:25

From there he traveled to Mount Carmel and then back to Samaria.

(0.94)Joh 4:4

But he had to pass through Samaria.

(0.80)1Ki 20:43

The king of Israel went home to Samaria bitter and angry.

(0.78)Isa 7:9

Ephraim’s leader is Samaria, and Samaria’s leader is the son of Remaliah. If your faith does not remain firm, then you will not remain secure.”

(0.72)2Ki 10:17

He went to Samaria and exterminated all the members of Ahab’s family who were still alive in Samaria, just as the Lord had announced to Elijah.

(0.70)2Ki 15:14

Menahem son of Gadi went up from Tirzah to Samaria and attacked Shallum son of Jabesh. He killed him and took his place as king.

(0.70)Hos 10:7

Samaria and its king will be carried off like a twig on the surface of the waters.

(0.68)1Ki 16:24

He purchased the hill of Samaria from Shemer for two talents of silver. He launched a construction project there and named the city he built after Shemer, the former owner of the hill of Samaria.

(0.67)1Ki 16:28

Omri passed away and was buried in Samaria. His son Ahab replaced him as king.

(0.67)1Ki 16:32

He set up an altar for Baal in the temple of Baal he had built in Samaria.

(0.67)1Ki 18:2

So Elijah went to make an appearance before Ahab. Now the famine was severe in Samaria.

(0.67)2Ki 3:6

At that time King Jehoram left Samaria and assembled all Israel for war.

(0.67)2Ki 10:12

Jehu then left there and set out for Samaria. While he was traveling through Beth Eked of the Shepherds,

(0.67)2Ki 10:35

Jehu passed away and was buried in Samaria. His son Jehoahaz replaced him as king.

(0.67)2Ki 10:36

Jehu reigned over Israel for twenty-eight years in Samaria.

(0.67)2Ki 13:9

Jehoahaz passed away and was buried in Samaria. His son Joash replaced him as king.

(0.67)2Ki 17:5

The king of Assyria marched through the whole land. He attacked Samaria and besieged it for three years.

(0.67)Isa 9:9

All the people were aware of it, the people of Ephraim and those living in Samaria. Yet with pride and an arrogant attitude, they said,

(0.67)Isa 10:9

Is not Calneh like Carchemish? Hamath like Arpad? Samaria like Damascus?