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(0.86)Psa 115:18

But we will praise the Lord now and forevermore. Praise the Lord!

(0.86)Psa 146:1

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord, O my soul!

(0.86)Psa 150:6

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

(0.86)Hos 12:5

As for the Lord God Almighty, the Lord is the name by which he is remembered! 1 

(0.85)Num 9:9

The Lord spoke to Moses:

(0.85)Psa 135:20

O family of Levi, praise the Lord! You loyal followers 1  of the Lord, praise the Lord!

(0.84)Exo 9:5

The Lord set 1  an appointed time, saying, “Tomorrow the Lord will do this 2  in the land.”

(0.83)1Sa 2:17

The sin of these young men was very great in the Lord’s sight, for they 1  treated the Lord’s offering with contempt.

(0.81)Psa 118:23

This is the Lord’s work. We consider it amazing! 1 

(0.81)Exo 6:10

Then the Lord said to Moses,

(0.81)Exo 7:8

The Lord said 1  to Moses and Aaron, 2 

(0.81)Exo 13:1

1 The Lord spoke 2  to Moses:

(0.81)Exo 14:1

1 The Lord spoke to Moses:

(0.81)Exo 15:18

The Lord will reign forever and ever!

(0.81)Exo 16:11

and the Lord spoke to Moses:

(0.81)Exo 25:1

1 The Lord spoke to Moses:

(0.81)Exo 30:11

1 The Lord spoke to Moses: 2 

(0.81)Exo 30:17

1 The Lord spoke to Moses: 2 

(0.81)Exo 30:22

1 The Lord spoke to Moses: 2 

(0.81)Exo 31:1

1 The Lord spoke to Moses: 2 

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