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(0.59)Isa 55:7

The wicked need to abandon their lifestyle and sinful people their plans. They should return to the Lord, and he will show mercy to them, and to their God, for he will freely forgive them.

(0.58)Psa 35:27

May those who desire my vindication shout for joy and rejoice! May they continually say, “May the Lord be praised, for he wants his servant to be secure.”

(0.58)Psa 140:10

May he rain down fiery coals upon them! May he throw them into the fire! From bottomless pits they will not escape.

(0.58)Psa 141:4

Do not let me have evil desires, or participate in sinful activities with men who behave wickedly. I will not eat their delicacies.

(0.58)Isa 19:12

But where, oh where, are your wise men? Let them tell you, let them find out what the Lord who commands armies has planned for Egypt.

(0.58)Isa 56:12

Each one says, ‘Come on, I’ll get some wine! Let’s guzzle some beer! Tomorrow will be just like today! We’ll have everything we want!’

(0.58)Mic 4:11

Many nations have now assembled against you. They say, “Jerusalem must be desecrated, so we can gloat over Zion!”

(0.58)Exo 16:19

Moses said to them, “No one is to keep any of it until morning.”

(0.58)Num 9:2

“The Israelites are to observe the Passover at its appointed time.

(0.58)Hos 4:17

Ephraim has attached himself to idols; Do not go near him!

(0.58)1Co 16:14

Everything you do should be done in love.

(0.58)Exo 3:19

But I know that the king of Egypt will not let you go, not even under force.

(0.58)Exo 4:26

So the Lord let him alone. (At that time she said, “A bridegroom of blood,” referring to the circumcision.)

(0.58)Exo 9:17

You are still exalting yourself against my people by not releasing them.

(0.58)Jos 22:26

So we decided to build this altar, not for burnt offerings and sacrifices,

(0.58)Job 9:34

who would take his rod away from me so that his terror would not make me afraid.

(0.58)Job 15:31

Let him not trust in what is worthless, deceiving himself; for worthlessness will be his reward.

(0.58)Job 16:18

“O earth, do not cover my blood, nor let there be a secret place for my cry.

(0.58)Job 31:40

then let thorns sprout up in place of wheat, and in place of barley, weeds!” The words of Job are ended.

(0.58)Psa 35:5

May they be like wind-driven chaff, as the Lord’s angel attacks them!